I was wondering what your preference is, and why. Do you Like to use a candle snuffer? Or do you blow out your candles after a ceremony or ritual? What is the difference to you, personally? 

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While I do have a snuffer, I generally pinch the flame out by licking my fingers then pinching out the flame with them. I only blow the flame out if I'm sending out energy in a specific direction.

I also do what Tellusom said... but also have used a candle snuffer

I prefer pinching out the flame, specifically because I get a little scared of doing it (ahaha~) and doing so gives me a little confidence boost even at the end. Occasionally I snuff the flame with the tip of a broad-bladed knife if it's a mid-stage in a working.

 Do you Like to use a candle snuffer?

I don't have one.

Or do you blow out your candles after a ceremony or ritual?

I blow them out normally.

What is the difference to you, personally? 

Not much, candles are mainly used for ambience.

I have no preference. If I have my snuffer, I may use it, if not I'll blow them out. I hold no superstitions about blowing candles out, though sometimes I find my candles don't smoke as much if I use my snuffer.

I don't have a snuffer. My technique depends on whether or not the candle I am using is part of the spell or just ambient lighting. Like another poster, I'll sometimes blow in the direction in which I want my spell to go or in the direction that is somehow significant to the spell. Sometimes I will leave the candles to burn out completely on their own. 

If it's just ambient lighting, I just randomly blow them out when done.

I don't have a candle snuffer, so I either blow my candles out, or if they are small let them go out on their own. I'm not sure if I would use a snuffer if I had one. I don't have any superstitions toward blowing a candle out or anything, so I am perfectly happy not having a candle snuffer. <3

I use a candle snuffer I made out of air dry clay.  So it can be part of my ritual to close everything out.

I love that you made your own candle snuffer!  I find the most power in the ritual tools I've made myself.

I don't have a candle snuffer but I've been looking for one.  Perhaps I'll make one like Robin G. did.

My teacher told me that it's the belief of some that when you use a candle snuffer you snuff out your wish.  Other's believe the opposite, that when you blow out the candle the air blows away the wish.  So I guess it's just a matter of choice and/or your own individual tradition.

I've heard things about offending fire spirits by blowing them out but to be honest, but without the intention of being a jerk I'm pretty sure its fine. I always blow my candles out or let them burn down.

I blow out my candles of let them burn out if they are the tea lights. Some people say that adding your breath is too personal and "heats" the spirits too much but I like adding my breath to the flame and haven't heard any negative feedback. I prefer to do what I feel is best in my relationship with the spirits as opposed to what someone else says is right for my relationship.


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