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I was wondering what your preference is, and why. Do you Like to use a candle snuffer? Or do you blow out your candles after a ceremony or ritual? What is the difference to you, personally? 

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Thank you all for the insight! Got some interesting and informative answers.

When I first became a Wiccan I was taught by other Wiccans that it is bad luck to blow the candle out.  It extinguishes a flame like the flame of life and is reminiscent of the last breath.  We will all one day have a last breath.  Then again, if you had never heard of that you wouldn't think of it.  But now since you've read this, you know.     

That's an interesting outlook

Personally I use a candle snuffer or pinch it out.  It is said that you offend the spirit of fire when you violently blow it out using the element of air.  The spirit of fire is real.  I recommend respect in all dealings with fellow spirits. :-)

When it comes to spells and rituals I like to use the candle snuffer each time or as much as possible. Sometimes I like to light candles just for the scent or for the romantic lighting and I distinguish the two purposes for candles by blowing out one and snuffing out the other.

I agree 100% with Noe Tellusom. I touch my fingers to my tongue to wet them, then pinch toe flame out. I would never use an element to extinguish an element, Never.

I use a snuffer because I was taught that when I first started in Wicca.  The person instructing me didn't know why, that "it is just tradition".  I looked into it further and another person tole me it was bad luck because it somehow is like our last breath, we will all have a last breath in our current lifetimes and those that follow.  

So I just use a snuffer, or pinch them out.     

I think it's a person preference also.

Of course, one is free to do as they please.  However, when I first started in the craft with a coven I blew out a candle to the gasps of horror from those in the room who were more adept than I.  So if you are in a group circle, or open circle it is probably polite to snuff the candle out and not risk any controversy.  Then again, you could ask.  This might be rare because the host of the circle will probably have a person call the quarters they feel will handle it in a fashion acceptable to the group hierarchy.  


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