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Cassandra Laws (and now for something completely different)

Below are Cassandra’s laws of Oracular vision:

  1. Always speak in riddles.
  2. Never explain yourself.
  3. Leave quickly.

I would explain this, but that would violate rule #2—and then rule #3.

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Well no one expects the spanish inquisition.

I think you mean the Sybil's Laws of Oracular Vision.

As I recall, Cassandra was quite clear, just no one believed her.


Like :)

The laws apply to the Oracle at Delphi, except that No. 3 describes the correct protocol for the person who visited the Oracle. Asking for an explanation was not allowed. 

The Pythia of Delphi was an official Oracle who was protected from any backlash from what was foreseen. Modern Oracles are more like Cassandra in that they are either not believed or punished for casting doubt on the plans of the powerful. In such a situation its best to not be clear, to never provide details, and to leave before someone decides to kill the messenger.

Hence covfefe?


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