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Can you see the difference?  Can you feel the change in power flow?


The world paradigm shifted.  Again.  The British egregore has released its hold upon winter, and faded.  Among other major events this week.  The causes have withdrawn.


....and no one noticed.



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I noticed lol. I posted a thread about how things seem different lately...that thread has converted into a fight but oh well...people are people.
Collective?  Who might they be?



I don't generally act at all, this particular set of workings were done last year too.  Noticed them then, and knew what to look for this year.  So neither a watcher nor part of the collective.


Although... whomever is running this group, has my interest.  Its pretty rare to find groups who can make any significant effect at all.  And one that just altered the worlds weather patterns for 6 months is worth noticing.



Its safe to say whomever or whatever groups were pushing the agenda over the North Atlantic included at least one class six or higher practitioner.


Nice of them to stop once they started the slaughter of small animals, birds, and fish.

You have no idea who's doing all this, Firah?

Would love to meet whomever is.  And just off hand, haven't a clue.  Perhaps if I was 5000 miles closer to the epicenter, more could be discerned.  Was hoping someone from Great Britain or maybe France would provide some information.



VIJ - your line of questioning reminds me of a phrase that came up in Orfeo: A conversation between Robert Hunter and Terrance McKenna


And the phrase was "the question is not 'why do you believe that?' but rather 'why do you believe that you believe that?'"


VIJ, there could be many reasons for using the weather specifically, rather than trying to influence socio-politico forums.  But that is the method used, and there are obvious results of that.

Through unfathomable ways I lead you to liberation.


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