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   I haven't seen Lass in a she still here?

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I have heard tell she is a big Facebookie :

Someone here said she has a group over there...

She is active on Facebook and has her own group.

Celtic Lass created a lot of conversation here in her time.

    too bad... I always enjoyed her posts.

It is funny you should mention this. I was thinking "I wonder what happened to Fairy Queen" just the other day. Has she closed her account here?

I checked recently...I don't think so...;)

( good to "see" you , Karen )

Speaking of disappearing people...have you seen No Face ?

Hi Shawn. No, I have not seen No Face. I don't recall him/her.

I always liked Celtic Lass miss her...

I showed her the topic and she said she has not logged on for years. I doubt she will be back. ):

That could be awkward, I thought she was an admin here. Did she resign and appoint a successor?

I had to laugh when I read this , Karen...

Sounded so very British , with a successor...;)

Yet , you are correct...I just don't think Starr feels it is needed

with the volume of posting presently , though I could be incorrect

and she is the one to ultimately decide issues such as that...

Let alone , the whole thought of going through choosing a new admn. ,

and dealing with reactions to that choice would be overwhelming...

( however it might increase activity for awhile on the board )...;)

She has a really large awesome FB Group Feisty Witches - it's always busy - she's really rocked that group and has over 20k members (I'm on it too lol) and that's a full time job with that many members & activity :) 


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