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Cemeteries are Haunted. Really, Do you Believe That?


I have had many people tell me that cemeteries are haunted. I'm always wtf?

Grew up next door to one and never seen a single ghost there, beyond the first couple of days after a funereal.

I mean really would you hang out in a cemetary after you got released from the constraints of your body? I know I wouldn't. So please explain to me this concept that all cemeteries are  haunted by human spirits. I just don't get the concept.

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There are various entities everywhere. 

Love cemeteries! Very calming, soothing places to me. Beautiful places. I liked to hang out there as a kid. Still do. Good places to drink. Party(respectfully of course). "Socialize". *coughs loudly*. Never experienced any spookiness or uneasiness.

However, where else would they hang? Visit a few other places, sure. Friends, family, 4-star restaurants. But if you're gonna hang, you're gonna hang with the other dead folks and party like it's 1999. No?

Why would they want to "hang" with their former body instead of their family, friends, or even a favorite place from when they were alive. A place they had a special connection to, or a place/reality that are trapped with, seems more logical than hanging around with a body they are no longer stuck inside of.

As many here have said (and I agree with) everywhere is "haunted" but I also do not see them staying there long term, only as long as it takes to except that they are dead, or as their family are there paying respects.

I believe there are two kinds of hauntings.

1. The remnants of the spirit of a person who once lived, or the leftover energy of something that happened at a given spot. These hauntings are harmless, but interesting nonetheless.

2. A spirit who/what has never been human or living in any form, basically what people call Demons. These can be dangerous and unpredictable, best left to be investigated by professionals.

     While graveyards are sometimes haunted, neither type of spirit should have any reason to haunt a cemetery.  People didn't die in cemeteries, their bodies were placed there long after the spirit has passed on, and Demons have no real reason to haunt an empty, lifeless place, they tend to be drawn to the living.

     If you believe that cemeteries are hallowed ground, then I suppose spirits may be drawn there.  But I more believe that cemeteries are constructed by the living for the living as a place to remember the dead.  The dead themselves have no real reason to linger there, unless they just like chilling in calm, tranquil places alone and admiring beautiful stonework.

This is the point that I keep trying to get across. Thank you for explaining it better than I did, LOL.

cemeteries are the  only  place that’s actually quiet.  truly quiet.  i love walking  around  in cemeteries, lovely landscaping and architecture,  *shrug*  they feel safer to me than alot of places. i would think if something was hanging around  one? ya  might wanna  just not  deal with it.

I agree, cemeteries are nice places, but I cant imagine anyone non-living hanging around in such a place.  The dead are drawn to the living, the disembodied tend to stay where they lost their body, demons want nothing more than to be alive, only the living are drawn to peaceful spots to remember our lost loved ones and enjoy the scenery.


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