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Not all the time, but when I am either looking at the moon, or watching a candle flame, my vision gets dim then bright then dim again. Like someone is turning up and down a light-switch. Also today when I was doing an altar for Demeter (lesson for the day) and watching the flame, it was almost like it was cloudy on my right eye (from my point of view eye). That was completely new. So I wonder if that means I am entering a state of psychic awareness. I'll have to see if it continues. Have you ever had these things happen? What is this?

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First and foremost , have your vision checked for problems

or changes , to make sure it is not a medical condition...

Then , and only then , start looking at esoteric / magical influences...

Just my two cents...( if and when you check medically , ask me again )...;)

Yeah, I get this kind of effect all the time, but I'm nearsighted and wear bifocals because age is making my near vision go bad. On the other hand if you work with a black mirror, and it looks like it's smoking--I think that might be a thing. If your vision has been checked recently then just keep a record of what you're seeing. It might make sense later.

Thanks for the replies guys. I go to the eye doctor every year and it was just March I had a checkup for everything. I'm good on that end.

I've been on my path for 15 years and I am the type of person that always looks for a physical world problem first before thinking spiritual. So since I didn't have a material answer, I went spiritual question. I did ask another Pagan friend if she knew what it was and she told me she also has that but with both a candle flame and water too. So I'll check around on the web and see if anyone else had this experience or knows more.

Thanks again for the input guys. :)

Now I'm curious. If you get a non-private answer please post it.

Now that you have told me that...

In the code I work with , there are two columns of eight symbols each...

Top symbol in one column can mean eye...

( by the way number value for two of those columns equals Odin )...;)

Column number value equals 391...

In gematria :

Eye = 130

Vision / to see = 26

Dimming = 36

Psychic / Moon = 198

= 390

Now , other things add to 391 / 390...many , yet to give a few...

Shaman = 390

Portal = 390

Inner Light = 391

Psychic Protection = 391

Just to give you something to think about...;)

Thanks for the information Shawn. I appreciate you posting further on the topic. :)

I researched online and wasn't able to find much but there was a website that was talking about auras and their energy.

I don't know why I didn't think of it myself since I have done some studying and practicing of seeing auras. Every year I choose a new topic to study and a couple years ago reading auras was what I chose. I got to the point where I could see auras around some people but especially objects since they have energy too. I just couldn't see colors. This might explain why when I looked at a candle flame or the moon, the energy would grow brighter and dim-the energy it gave off was increasing or decreasing, just like a person breathing.

I'm going to look into this further, along with trying to see colors again.


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