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Hello, everyone. Please bear with me if this is a repost. I tried looking for a previous post but nothing seems to relate to my specific situation. I am developing what may be an ability to channel but I'm not sure and would be eternally grateful for any advice as to how o proceeed here.

A little background - I'm a holisitic practitioner that has been doing so professionally since 2005. I recently went through a training progem to become a hypnotherapist. Shortly before that time I attended a guided meditation where we were led into the cosmos. It was a fascinating meditation. During that session I met and communicated with an entity that came to me to ask for a healing. I was able to oblige and felt quite good about it on returning.

Fast forward to about 6 weeks into my training and the practicum session with my class partner brought up a very emotional trauma that I thougth had been delat with but apparently had not. It left me what can only be described as shell-shocked for days. I decided to go into meditation to either deal with it or settle myself. That was when he showed up again. He was deeply concerned about my mental state and over the next few days made himself known as a means of support, which is a major part of how I managed to get through and past it.  

He began showing up in my life regularly after that. He is soft spoken, somewhat timid and extremely gentle but is possessed of amazing power and wisdom. He has been a phenomenal help in my healing work. I guess you'd call him a guide but that's not the most accurate description of the relationship. It is a two way street where I feel he learns as much from me as I do him.

The only thing that is taking me outside my comfort zone more than just a little is the ability to do what I think is channeling. It started with him when I encountered someone not in my highest good with negative intentions during a shamanic workshop I attended. The guy was telling the class something I thought sounded more than a little off (maybe even unethical) when this guide burst through and called him out in no uncertain terms. I was fully aware when this happened. It was strange. My mouth was moving but I knew it was him controlling it. The body language wasn't mine either. I was so frightened by this that I willed him out of me after a few moments. Everything said was spot on and brought the workshop to an abrupt halt, still leaving me reeling.

This has happened a few more times since then during healing sessions with the client's guides, relatives that have passed, I've even had Kwan Yin and Archangel Michael pop in. Each time it is the same. I'm suddenly aware that someone else is borrowing my body, fully aware of everything I am doing or saying. (I don't lose consciousness and come to with no knowledge of what happened as I have heard/seen described elsewhere about channeling.) Each time I am able to re-establish control of my own body and so far no one I have channeled has meant harm. However, I find this newfound ability a little unnerving as I seem to have no control of when, where or who will come through.

Does anyone know how to develop this ability? Is there a way to control when and where it happens? Or is it always going to be like this for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I think you should join the local Toastmasters in your area and explore the channeled entities emissions in front of a larger audience.

I would imagine quite a few people would enjoy hearing from Arch Angel Micheal and Kwan Yin.

I find it helps to ask for a name and mantra. Sometimes you even get visual representations like a sigil or the body.

Meh, my channeling ability isn't advanced passed automatic writing. My advice is to have a good pen & adequate supply of paper.

Hallo Elizabeth, I've been on Paganspace about one week but I've been channelling for over 30 years. I just think of it as telepathy and after all these years I'm very fluent-when I started off I had to visualize the spirit I wanted but now I just think of them and chat away to anyone, Archangel Michael and the rest. Hope I don't sound too much of a fruitcake!

It isn't much different from what people do on here, and I think that's the key. You have to treat it as a conversation and keep a distance between them and yourself,even though you hear what they say inside your head. It's a bit disappointing that however apt and lucid what they say is,you still remain the same old you, but then that's what makes you keep your handle on reality.

What happened in your workshop sounds more like trance mediumship, (though without being in a trance i.e. unconscious of your surroundings) where there is not that distance between the two of you . That I have never actually done and maybe you should speak to someone who has,like a medium in the Spiritualist church, who could give you advice. They all work differently and some of them know how to let people take them over while still having safeguards.

Having said that I don't think you can come to any harm by having a guide. Such people want you to do work with  them and you can agree to do some positive kind of work like healing.

In the last couple of years I've been studying Wicca and I do have an issue that a lot of Wiccans don't believe in the right hand and left hand paths, because the spirits do.I've known some of them to switch between the two, literally angels who decide to fall! That will affect the kind of work they ask their contacts to do, the people who can do channelling or telepathy. In your case just be clear that what you want to do is healing and you should attract others like yourself.

Certainly a circle is a good idea, and symbols like a cross or a pentagram to protect you  too. But I think telepathic communication is meant to have a fun side,for enjoyment of sharing  thoughts and affection.


  I have been Channeling and communicating with beings not of this plain for far to long, I can even recall communicating and learning language from there places of existence. The thing to remember when channeling is that it can take many forms and they can even transfer life experiences, I have at heights seen manifestation work from Omnipotent like beings but you got to be careful. You may come cross negative beings and that comes down to test of will as some may try to take control, I would suggest asking for there name of power. If they don't give it, then don't communicate with them for even a being such as Archangel Michael has another name that he does not share freely.

  Also you will come cross beings that will offer things to you, if you do them favors be careful here as well. Though not all are evil or negative, they can want a lot and you must have them write out the agreement in vivid detail both in their language and yours. Also if you agree they must put their seal on it and develop and plus it with your seal, do it with more then one person in the room with you.

  The oldest of the Omnipotent Beings are the most challenging once to work with as they often reveal themselves slowly and only after you prove not to show favor or want but seek a relationship with all of them equally and as deeply as friend or parent. This have it benefits, but again always have them give you there name of power and if they don't have one then ask them to develop one for your benefit and have them write again out agreement between you and them in there language and yours. That this name will be there name of power while working with you and what it means to them and you. After all there infinite amount of omnipotent beings and other beings out there so be careful. Also if you ever feel the desire to talk further please by all means feel free to stop by my corner on here and shoot me mail.

Mella'tae to you and yours


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