Christians ignorant of other religions call them Satanic

2000 years and very little change in the mentality of some Christians.

This man's art was depicting Dionysus.  He used him as a metaphor for his fight against alcoholism.

The man's art was good enough to be posted in a public square.

Complaints by people who didn't know who Dionysus was and that he looked "Satanic" and thus was not suitable for public viewing made the city take the painting down.  At least one man in the article prefers to stay ignorant as far as ancient Greek religion is concerned and use his ignorance as religious leverage.

Mind you, had anyone painted a Jesus on the cross in their artwork, no one would have complained.

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"I'm calm," Medina said. "I have faith in God that all this is going to be cleared."

Of course, after you pay your coyotes!

Well I had an "interesting" chat with some woman in Messenger, she had posted a religious related Easter photo in a FB dog group I'm on, and I decided to post a comment about the true origin of Eastre, well the lady apparently was offended and here's what was said, in the end I wound up BLOCKING her;

I took my happy Easter photo down.. Sorry to offend you

Hi, sorry to hear that, there was no need, not offended, I only commented on the historical origin of what we now call “Easter”


This page is about Sharing st bernard photos... you could have posted that anywhere else...

(SHE could have posted her religious photo somewhere else TOO! I only posted what I posted in RESPONSE to her photo!)

Yes, but keep in mind when you post a religious message with a photo there is a global audience present and not everyone is ____religion or ___ belief, As an animist pagan I know the pagan celebration of Ostera and spring was hijacked by Christians in their long history of stomping on and wiping out other people's beliefs and cultures, this same technique was used against the Native American Indians who were forced to convert, give up their beliefs, traditions, culture, language and even their names. Christmas was another pagan celebration- the celebration of Yule and the return of the sun and longer days. That was hijacked and stomped on as well;

"Christmas Isn't Christian: The Pagan Roots of The Winter Holiday. ... Historical evidence suggests that Jesus, the person, was born in the springtime — but that Christian missionaries adopted Yule celebrations in order to convert pagans who were deeply, spiritually attached to their own holidays."

At this point we're beating a dead horse, but bright blessings to you.

Wow!! You took a friendly thing and turned into that whole whatever thing you wrote...I minored in history so you told me a whole bunch of stuff I already knew...that is what's wrong with the all need to put in your 2 cents.. post your religion or lack of to yourself know one asked


Here, let me fix your problem by blocking you, then you won't need to read further, bright blessings!

(Then I added her to the blocked list)

"you told me a whole bunch of stuff I already knew...that is what is wrong with the world"

Precisely, that is why they constantly have to be reminded!

"know one asked"

just a history minor slip, implying "not to know"

Yeah, she's so educated in all matters of history, taught the only history that matters, and the only true and "accurate" historical record is the christian angle of it all, that's how we wind up with all the distorted one-sided propaganda "history" we were all taught in grade school about Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, Easter and christmas. It was all distorted and portions fabricated by the white christians who decided only their viewpoints and "history" matter.

She minored in "history" and I apparently told her a "whole bunch of stuff" she claimed she already knew, but only her version of "easter" belongs posted to a DOG PHOTO SHARING group but my history on the contents of her photo is just insignificant "stuff"  that I should have;

1) Posted elsewhere

2) Shut up about because my "stuff" is "what's wrong with the world" and was my need to put my "2 cents in" about my "lack of religion"


I call these people out at every opportunity and will continue to do so and post the facts, because their version of history is their fabricated and distorted "history" with a focus around their invisible santa claus.

I see a lot recently on facebook about abortion and the same people going on and on about god, bible, and "babies" being "murdered" by "athiests", "the left", and "dems" and I have responses for those and a few other things they post or claim too;

An embryo or fetus is a "baby" the same way an acorn is an oak tree and a packet of grass seed is a ready-to-mow golf course lawn!

Women are born with all the eggs they are ever going to have, and they don't make any new eggs during their lifetime. Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries, but about 11,000 of them die every month prior to puberty.

As a teenager, a woman has only 300,000 to 400,000 remaining eggs, and from that point on, approximately 1,000 eggs are destined to die each month. This phenomenon is completely independent of any hormone production, birth control pills, pregnancies, nutritional supplements, or even health or lifestyle. Nothing stops this inexorable death of approximately 1,000 eggs every month regardless of ovulation, ovarian inhibition, or stimulation. Whenever the woman runs out of her supply of eggs, the ovaries cease to make estrogen, and she goes through menopause.

Basic biology of nature- 11,000 "potential babies" die every MONTH during a girls pre-puberty years and then 1,000 every month die afterwards, only 1, 2, 3 or 4 would EVER have been born out of those 2 MILLION anyway.

"Abortion is not allowed because it's against the law of god"

Yes, the very same god who ordered babies be slaughtered, killed all the first-born in Egypt and caused an entire human race and animals to drown, then stood by and did NOTHING while 9 MILLION of his "chosen people" were shoved into the gas chambers in Germany, THAT god!

That "loving" god you speak of was invented by cavemen and goat herders to explain thunder.
The lies and fables were then expanded and written down by men who thought the sun died at night and was reborn in the morning. They claimed to have ALL the answers to life and love yet they had NO idea where the sun even WENT at night, thought the earth was flat, and the entire universe revolved around the earth at it's center- they have ZERO credibility in any of their claims and writings that wound up in their holy book of death and violence, none!

The book was written by men with an agenda to control the naive dumb sheeple of the era, keep them- especially WOMEN subservient and under control, and keep them living in constant FEAR that some invisible all knowing hand would reach down from the sky and crush them like cockroaches for the slightest "infraction" and send them to a firey pit forever  unless they begged for "forgiveness" for even being born in the first place.

But more importantly- keep them paying huge sums of their meager hard earned annual incomes into a corrupt church that essentially all but guaranteed them a seat in some holy perfect eternal  paradise as long as they kept paying money into the system,  remained loyal subservient servants who did as they were told, never questioned the church authority and followed all their rules!

The same god was involved here with these two events, and again, knew this would happen, stood by and did nothing, yet public "prayers go out" to this very same one, and were not supposed to question any of it! They get all bent out of shape if you dare say anything about how useless their "prayers and thoughts" are AFTER the person was killed by a terrible "accident" leaving their entire family, friends and co-workers in tears and negatively affecting everyone around them, that their god always seems to be a day late and a dollar short and praying to that one after the person is dead is ridiculous.

"CANNELTON, Ind. — An 11-year-old Girl Scout was fatally injured when a tree suddenly fell on her and 3 others as they walked along a gravel road at a southern Indiana campground, authorities said.

The sheriff wasn’t certain why the about 40-foot-tall tree toppled, but said the ground was saturated from frequent rainfall over the past couple weeks.

Officials said 11-year-old Isabelle Meyer of Jasper was pronounced dead at an Evansville hospital after suffering head and abdominal injuries when she was hit by the tree."

And this too, and their "explanation" as usual is "god works in mysterious ways" and how DARE you question GOD! ;

Clifford Johnson went back into the fire at the Boston Cocoanut Grove Lounge... fewer than 4 times in search of his date who unbeknown to him, had safely escaped already. Mr Johnson suffered extensive 3rd degree burns over 55% of his body, and 1/2 of that was burned to the bone.
Johnson survived the fire, becoming the most severely burned person ever to survive his injuries at the time. After almost two years of torture and pain in a hospital, several hundred operations and skin grafts, he married his nurse and returned to his home state.
 Johnson and his new wife went home to Missouri, soon he found steady work delivering fuel oil.
On Dec. 20, 1956, just 14 years after the fire he survived, Johnson's truck skidded off a road near Sumner, Mo., and burst into flames. Trapped, he burned to death in the cab of his truck in the fire."

Where was Cliffords' god when the flesh was burning off his bones, yeah, he survived the fire and "lived" if you want to call it "living" and then after all that torture guess what, he died by burning to death in a stupid "accident" and this god stood by and did nothing.

You can bet given the era of the 50s Clifford attended church religiously every sunday too like pretty much everyone else did, fat lot of good that did him!

Clifford Johnson went back into the fire at the Boston Cocoanut Grove Lounge...

I read a book about the Grove and that stuck me as particularly unfair. :(  Much like this young woman who was put into a coma when hit by a car in a parking lot at a club.  She was like 19 at the time, Sarah Scantlin.  She was in a coma for 20 years.  Finally woke up, had some minor memory problems, and conceptual problems (she never believed she was almost 40 years old).  Over the next 11 years, she progressed to the point where it was thought she could start to walk and be somewhat independent then...she died.

What was the fucking point of that?  Inspiration?  

I remember that documentary too, she was in a horribly vegetative state in a wheelchair and looked horrible, I thought she was creapy looking in the documentary. You are right though, she was progressing but only to a point as the surgeons had removed part of her brain leaving her almost like a child trapped in a 40 year old body.

Her parents lost almost everything they owned due to the medical bills, the friend had nightmares and guilt, so this wrecked 4 lives, some more or less or differently than the others, and then Sarah gets a respiratory infection and just dies, and people ared  on the documentary with their ususual "god bless" and "god is good" and "god healed her" "its a miracle from god!" rubbish

I think it would have been better if she did not survive that horrific injury in the first place, 20+ years in a coma and then being the way she was, and her parents losing everything due to medical bills, and then Sarah just up and dying anyway.

I think it would have been better if she did not survive that horrific injury in the first place

I felt bad but I thought the same thing.  It would have been better for everyone had the original accident just killed her outright.  Instead she and everyone around her just suffered and suffered and suffered...and for what?

Exactly right, everyone suffered, a huge bankrupting medical bill resulted, and then she never recovered more than a certain amount and was dependent on care, in a wheelchair, it was painful to watch and know some all knowing, "loving" god knew that would happen, stood by and did absolutely NOTHING at all, but gets the glory and thanks because Sarah woke up 20 years later in the horrible condition she was in.

It sounds more like the "curse of jehovah!


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