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I am going to be writing in about some of my adventures (or misadventures) here in the haunted town of Wellsville. I have lived here on and off again for over three years. Currently I live in a tiny cramped apartment across from a hospice house where I infrequently volunteer. Lots of strange things happen around the area ( the house across the road turns pink for one ) lol. The space I have is cramped with my books, brass items and tons of clothing and two cats. Both the cats chitter and chat with me all the time. They aren't much of watchdogs for ghost unfortunately, they seem to lure them in all the time. I frequently smell lilacs very strongly when I am walking around and the wind talks to me.  That's all I have so far but I will be checking in with my chronicles like I did in Buffalo!

Good Ghosts rule!

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When I was visiting Alcatraz Prison the smell of lilies was in the infirmary. Then while I was leaving the infirmary there was a lily stuck through the hole where a door knob once existed. I’m not sure if either the smell or the flower where real.

A friend walked through my house recently with her phone.  She apparently had some app that can detect some sort of supernatural forces?  Anyone know what it is?  

She found 2 different entities in my house.

I told her I didn't want to know because I currently live here quite peacefully with few if any odd events happening anymore (after the last one, I asked in general, for any spirit to please not do anything in my presence.) and I didn't want her doings to agitate them.

I had to announce to all and sundry that she wasn't going to live here and to not judge me on her antics.

"Good Ghosts Rule!"

Do you consider the ghosts in this video to be good?

On the subject of talking cats, my oldest cat, Her Royal Highness--the golden kitty, Quacks. In generally, she sounds like an older Katharine Hepburn, but her "pet/feed me NOW", sound is very reminiscent of the sound ducks make.

:>>"She apparently had some app that can detect some sort of supernatural forces? Anyone know what it is?"

"Also, if you enter the cheat code “666,” you can track the devil (he’s always right next to you)."


Alternate cheat code

Very ambiguous!

Rural Ambiguity Part 2!

  Roads in the Hinderland: I take Access Busses here in the Outback ( we call it A- County) and this week I took one out of town to Olean. I experienced a whole bunch of strange head sensations and got woozy several times. A friend of mine noticed a couple days ago that I was really psychic, I could pick up his dead grandma- maybe that was it? Also met a homeless guy who said he was Satan and Lucifer. All in a typical day out here in the country!

Sounds like a typical day.

Got a reply back from MUFON today! I sent in a UFO report about the strange activity, clouds and electrical surges. They are so friendly! I greatly reccomend them.


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