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So i just joined this page. And the first thing i see is a cringy leftwinger trying to claim that my peoples ancient religion is a universal religion. Okey.

Asatro was created by Germanic peoples. It was almost exclusively practised only by Germanic peoples. Wotan/Woden/Odin. All the same and all various names from different Germanic peoples. Asatro does not belong to anyone except Germanic peoples, why? Because its a tribal religion. Just like paganism practised by Native Americans belong to them and only them so does Asatro only belong to Germanic peoples.

Now i know many of you leftwingers blend your political views with religious ones. You almost allways do this. But understand this. Asatro is tribal not universal. If you cannot accept that well too bad i don´t care, scream racist or bloody murder for all i care. But do NOT try to turn tribal war God Odin into a universal one like Jesus just to fit with your multicultural world view.

From a Scandinavian / With regards.

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 "I'm just not that into you :)"

ha ha ha really?'m so into you

Of course you are; I'm majestic.

hey john i mean david i mean whatever sock puppet you have on so you can insult people with crap.  you would not know  fact if it smacked you up the nose.  at least aurelia can support and discuss.  all you do is insult and dribble

Oh? You're responding to me?

Nice try, fucktardo!

"Still waiting for the evidence of oral tradition "untold thousands of years"."

I realize these things may come as a shock to the anti-White left, but much of Germanic culture was indeed passed down through oral tradition long before runic alphabet encryptions came onto the scene. 

Where is the evidence?

Well now, if the left can claim black Africans have a rich cultural history extending back thousands of years, and simply happened to not utilize a written script, instead preferring oral tradition as a matter of taste...then no, lefties, we cannot now conveniently start cherrypicking to claim oral tradition suddenly 'doesn't count' or magically 'doesn't have evidence,' when it no longer fits the narrative.

Sorry Snowflake, but those 'rich traditions' in Africa are still going on.  Ever read the book "Roots"?  As soon as you find me some Norsemen still doing this, get back with me.

The Gullah Islands as well; a trip there is eye-opening.

Asatru is American, Asatro is indigenous Scandanavian.

Other than a loosely comparative analogy which could be made almost anywhere on earth, this has nothing to do with books about Africa, or books about Romans. Try reading books about Scandinavia.

Anthropological evidence there were people in Northern Europe in 7000 bce. who were said to exist prior to the development of Stonehenge, There is plenty of evidence that not only engineering skills were being cultivated there, but religious beliefs at least 5500 years old , indigenous to the region, ALL COMPLETELY ORAL, had more than enough time to spread across into Scandinavia, and into the Celtic regions.

With easy access to area mapping, anyone with half a brain could see that travel between these islands to the mainland was nothing compared to transoceanic travel in other parts of the earth. As I stated already, here is plenty of evidence that the Teutons migrated southward into the Celtic regions, at least 2500 years ago. No one knows for sure where the Teutons came from. The speculation of no indigenous religious beliefs there is completely ignorant, and no apology is necessary for such obvious, blatant ignorance.

This silly denial, changing the subject, changing the channels, talking about Romans talking about Africa, that keeps going on here is childish, dyslexic, and needs to be called out for what it is. Keep up the silly challenges, it reduces this whole conversation to a meaningless joke..

Furthermore perpetual denial is even funnier when the ones who keep challenging the concepts that are in their most rudamentary form, disengenous, and infantile, without conducting their own personal investigation into the region. Especially when you have an indigenous Scandinavian who created the post, and you have some simple minded self proclaimed yankee reconstructionist, who likes to read books about Africa, sees only what she wants to see, who likes being difficult, just to be an agitator, and most likely believes in some domineering matriarchal theory

The problem I see here is the "right wing" impressions of Asatru, and Asatro, that don't fit the left wing yankee recon template, or I should say, fantasy.

So do that, and we'll put a wager on it. The evidence will not favor the kids who live in denial..

While Asatru is BASED on the indigenous faith of ancient Scandinavia, it is NOT that actual indigenous faith. It is a reconstructionist religion which arose in the early 1970s with the founding of the Asatru Free Assembly. The Asatru Free Assembly was founded in the United States, and therefore Asatru is very much an American religion based on Scandinavian Folklore. Furthermore, it is not for you to say who the Gods speak to, nor who decides to follow their ways, especially based on the individual's geographic location.

I'm going to correct you here.

Although the AFA played it's part in the rebirth it wasn't the only one. Stephan McNallen will even acknowledge this.

Around the same time frame three separate groups were forming in three different countries.

Ásatrúarfélagið in Iceland in 1972

The Odinic Rite in England 1973

The Asatru Free Assembly in Texas in 1974 before that it was named The Viking Brotherhood.

So by the timeline provided you can see The AFA was the last in forming with the Icelandic Asatru fellowship forming first.So while yes there was a version here in the States it is not a uniquely American religion.The best that can be said is that the AFA is an American understanding of the reconstructed faith and by the way not the only one.

Wilhelm, thank you for the information about the other groups.  I always appreciate new knowledge.  I was by no means attempting to state that it was "uniquely" American, only that it was American (due to the AFA), and as such, Americans have every right to practice Asatru.  I realize I should have been more specific of that in my previous post. 


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