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So i just joined this page. And the first thing i see is a cringy leftwinger trying to claim that my peoples ancient religion is a universal religion. Okey.

Asatro was created by Germanic peoples. It was almost exclusively practised only by Germanic peoples. Wotan/Woden/Odin. All the same and all various names from different Germanic peoples. Asatro does not belong to anyone except Germanic peoples, why? Because its a tribal religion. Just like paganism practised by Native Americans belong to them and only them so does Asatro only belong to Germanic peoples.

Now i know many of you leftwingers blend your political views with religious ones. You almost allways do this. But understand this. Asatro is tribal not universal. If you cannot accept that well too bad i don´t care, scream racist or bloody murder for all i care. But do NOT try to turn tribal war God Odin into a universal one like Jesus just to fit with your multicultural world view.

From a Scandinavian / With regards.

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"where the Vikings came from?"

First of all, I would assert Asatru, or Asatro, as having to do with ancient originality. It is commonly known that part of the history of the worship of Norse Gods was reconstructed from something more ancient, apparently from an Icelandic epic known as "Eddas", It is conventional wisdom that the ancient prehistoric origins of Germanic religious beliefs are actually unknown.

The Viking age, so to speak, I believe it was close to the Scadinavian Iron Age, which came more toward the middle period of Scandinavian history, but conventional wisdom has the Vikings themselves originating as indigenous Scandinavian tribes. I am not clear on how they evolved to that period.

Well, it is postulated there were migrations or travels of sorts, from Scandinavia toward southern Europe and North Africa. Some people even think they made their way to North America.The more ancient history of the region is a bit obscure and complex,

I assume you don't buy into that, and if not, what is your opinion of it?

The one thing I am animatedly opposed to is the so called "Aryan Indigenous theory", ie "Out of India". Attempts to push that argument has more to do with some sort of trail of linguistics, much of which is grasping at straws, and does not make any sense. It is too complex, unsubstantiated, not much archeology or anthropology involved in it. Another problem with it is that it is mired in politics, as far as what conventional wisdom of Indian nationalists dictate, presumably.

To get to the exclusivist part of it, I assume you may be referring to the bringing back home of other religious precepts from other parts of their travels, which i am highly skeptical of. I don't know what incentive they would have to do that.

Also, I'm not clear on exactly what you are getting at by "exclusivist"

Asatru is for everyone who the Gods call, period.


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