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So i just joined this page. And the first thing i see is a cringy leftwinger trying to claim that my peoples ancient religion is a universal religion. Okey.

Asatro was created by Germanic peoples. It was almost exclusively practised only by Germanic peoples. Wotan/Woden/Odin. All the same and all various names from different Germanic peoples. Asatro does not belong to anyone except Germanic peoples, why? Because its a tribal religion. Just like paganism practised by Native Americans belong to them and only them so does Asatro only belong to Germanic peoples.

Now i know many of you leftwingers blend your political views with religious ones. You almost allways do this. But understand this. Asatro is tribal not universal. If you cannot accept that well too bad i don´t care, scream racist or bloody murder for all i care. But do NOT try to turn tribal war God Odin into a universal one like Jesus just to fit with your multicultural world view.

From a Scandinavian / With regards.

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Jesus is a Middle Eastern demigod; that's far from universal :3
Jesus is a Jew and to most Jews a traitor at that. You´re thinking of Allah who was an Arabic Pagan God until the Muslims adopted his name for their own use in their new Abrahamic nonsense religion.

Rather racist of you Johnny whatever your name is...

Go home to mama...

Allah and El are the same. Try Canaanite and Mesopotamian readings, and come back, and play again.

No I'm not thinking of Allah; Jesus was most definitely Middle Eastern. Literally, you're expressing your own insecurities about others "liking" your religion; you are trying to set others straight ala "I'm a warrior you're not" and you mentioned Jesus, but then white washed him. You're literally complaining about white washing as well. Open a fucking book.
Shut the fuck up with your Black and White Yankee nonsense. I don´t care about it. What do you think the Jews are? They are middle-eastern you fool. And no its not about liking you leftwing nutjob. Its about a simple fact. A fact you don´t like because it infringes on your retarded world view. Too bad i don´t care boy. I´ve read more books than you ever will.
You know this is really transparent; talking nonsense on a new account, nonsense that you wouldn't express on another account. What gave you away is the politicizing your complaint :)

Good call , Spooky...

Oh absolutely. Same old same old.

The religion is all yours, but the gods—they belong to themselves and go where they want. Only a fool would try to put Wōdan in a box.

Now *that* would be a best seller in marketing !

I am not saying it is politically , or traditionally

correct by any means , and I am not advocating it...

But could you see it...Get Your Woden In A Box !

( Eye patch , tilted fedora , walking staff , runes ,  two ravens and two wolves included ! )

O , that is very , very wrong...

( please , advertising agencies do *not* do this )


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