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Lately I have felt somewhat alone as a witch. I am a solitary practitioner however I would like to have people to relate to, just others to talk about and possibly celebrate the yearly holidays with. I was just wondering how (if you have) all of you met people in your communities and any past experiences that have also as pagans felt. I just feel at a loss with my new identity and how I can share it with others. It would be nice to hear some experiences that others have had as well.

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i am a solitary practioner as well, and i use paganspace to talk to other wiccans. i imagine you can find other like minded people by visiting your local wiccan store, and see if they know of any place you go to find others. even my small town in pennsylvania has a wiccan store, so im pretty sure you could find one nearby.
I finally met a pagan man... that was pretty nice. Looking on witchvox to find local groups worked for me when i lived in the city. At least three groups were very nice to me. I met some fun people. Practicing magic with others is fun, but be aware of the people you are with. I think most of the majority out there are good, but there could be others. Just be careful always as i am sure you will. Blessings to thee.:)
I would add that checking out the various groups on here may help you focus in on what you are specifically interested in. There are also other smaller sites that concentrate on a particular theme or path. Be patient, and you will find those with whom you feel a connection. In Love and Trust!


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