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Below are the links for the important announcements that impact members of PaganSpace, please take a few moments to review the updates.

  • Important announcement regarding photos, images & videos - excessive usage of upload utility, image size and copyright information. This is a very important announcement that will effect both current and future member so please take a few moments to read it. Here's the link
  • Last week I added a posting relating to Common Issues & Questions regarding a myriad of subjects from forums to blogs and much more. The link is here for you to review.

Additional Happenings:

  • Our Member Broadcast Announcement Service will resume on 12/3 reserve your spot now for the upcoming broadcast. Share your event, business, website or and/or products in our upcoming announcement. Click Here to get the details and sign up.
  • The holidays are upon us and for the next seven days PaganSpace will be offering a 60% off discount for any quarterly, semi-annual or annual advertising; this includes packages as well as multiple ad purchases. Your first renewal will be guaranteed at the same reduced rate. To take advantage of this offer click here, choose your ad(s) and use the coupon code ps60 at checkout. Happy Holidays!

Many thanks for being a part of! Have a wonderful weekend!


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