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Yes, the title is slightly humorous, but it has a definite scientific side as well. See how this issue is impacting trade considerations in India and possibly the environment of the entire planet:

Cows With Gas: India's Contribution to Global Warming

I'd thought that I saw another discussion somewhere on this site dealing with this odd subject but I cannot seem to find it; if it's there but I missed it on the lists, my apologies to the original OP and any who have already read this article. Blessings and cheezburgers to all, and to all a good night! :)

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who needs wepons we have cows LOL thats is funniy when you look at it for the first .Even so global .warming is not something to laugh at. i am a big fan of MR Al Gore and his efferts to help clean our mother up .There is so much to do and we are running out of time
Well we know what the new weapon of mass destruction is...
It never ceases to amaze me what I can learn on this website. lol
well im iffy on this subject. recenly i found out that yes, green house effect is in order, but i dont think it is us as much as most people think. ever think solar flares. this COULD be another ploy just to add a tax on something.
Give all those cows a massive daily dose of Beano... I mean really, this is silly, so what're we gonna do....? Kill all the cows? LOL My son probably emits at least as much methane as a cow does everyday... Should we off him too?? ;D

FYI- Human gaseous emissions can contain methane too. Along wth various other gasses, just so ya know.
Right. Everything that eats, farts. It seemed to me that this article, and others like it that I've come across, alluded more to the fact that the human population explosion was directly related to the need for more domestic livestock, to include meat-n-milk cows. So.. don't kill the cows - ok, maybe some of them; I like a big, juicy, nasty cheeseburger with all kinds of stuff on it when I can get one. Tell you what: let's start by telling that phenominally stupid House of Reps (or whatever he was) wife in Arkansas (the Duggars) to quit layin' up over there breeding two dozen kids (I exaggerate, if only a little; the hick just had their 18th child. How this couple gets any alone time to make yet more babies is beyond me. They make me sick. Personally, I think people like that, in a developed country like this one where there's education and a choice in the matter, should be flogged, fined, and made to swallow drawings of human pyramids. Their little Capenter who supposedly died on the cross for them almost two-thousand years ago is NOT going to show up all of a sudden and either make room, jobs, and resources for all these people and their subsequent families, or take them somewhere else to play harps of gold and continue to breed like rabbits. Understanding and birth control should be made available To. The. Entire. World. And the Church, who is at least as ignorant of the realities of our existence as the Duggars are, can kiss my ass.).
Tonight, when my darling husband gets home from work, we are going to watch Soylent Green with Moses, I mean Charleton Heston; for me it will be the first time, and on top of this rant should make for.. interesting dreams..
Cows are very sweet varmints, and being gassy is but one of the many things in their nature, and isn't their fault, I know. I too have helped bottle-raise a handful of them, with a long-ago landlady who kept a few of them, plus some goats (who are funny as hell) and some yard birds. Only reason I mentioned the dreaded cheeseburger is because I am an avowed omnivore, and only reason I printed the link to the article is because I thought some folks might like to have a read, if only for curiosity's sake. When I get my land I intend to have at least one cow.

ya cows Pictures, Images and Photos

Super_Cows Pictures, Images and Photos

They apparently also make pretty good secret agents..
For Char:

"I never saw a purple cow.
I never thought I'd see one.
But I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one." :)
~author unknown

cow Pictures, Images and Photos
I believe that is by the great Ogden Nash, but I could be wrong... ;D
I don't think they inject the cows in India do they?
Well, they don't inject them, I wouldn't think; they can barely afford even the most basic care for domestic animals - heck, they can barely afford to feed their families half the time, Gods bless 'em. But they also don't shoot or otherwise mistreat cows in any way, being a holy animal and the representative of Brahma; in all but two small provinces, it is an actual crime to harm a cow in any way. You aren't even allowed to kill them for meat. If you're driving down the road, and there's a cow, you have to drive around the cow, or wait for it to pass; you mustn't shoo it out of the way. And Gods help you if you hit it..
the trees need us and cows to put out yuki air so they can intern put out good air for us. :-)
Global warming has been debunked, but the theory is on a run away train and no ones listening.
They want to use this false theory to charge us all carbon taxes in order to exhale.


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