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Yes, the title is slightly humorous, but it has a definite scientific side as well. See how this issue is impacting trade considerations in India and possibly the environment of the entire planet:

Cows With Gas: India's Contribution to Global Warming

I'd thought that I saw another discussion somewhere on this site dealing with this odd subject but I cannot seem to find it; if it's there but I missed it on the lists, my apologies to the original OP and any who have already read this article. Blessings and cheezburgers to all, and to all a good night! :)

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Cute but true..........most all animals, especially ruminant ones that eat grass, develop hydrogen as a by-product of digestion. Bacteria inside the animals live of this hydrogen and produce methane gas as a result. This resulting gas is usually released into the air and finds it's way into many things, one being the atmosphere. It's been found to be one of the most damaging of all gases to the atmosphere and is a also a major source. The other major source comes from the melting of the poles themselves and the old vegetation underneath being eaten by bacteria and producing the same gas in vast quantities. Those two sources are the major producers of this gas in comparison to vehicles and the industries, which have their own types of pollutants.


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