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Im working in getting my coven together
This will be located In flushing new york
This is a pagan coven and all pagan beliefs are tolorated no discrimination ty
Read the link for more details
Blessed be and much love xoxo
May we meet

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Konstandino :

Many might , and most likely will disagree with me ,

yet I have been teaching the Old Ways for well over

twenty years ;

So , just to be clear ( and I did read your profile )

1. A Coven is thirteen witches , "the same" , no more , no less ;

Anything else would be a grouping of witches , not a Coven ;

When one says "the same" , we are speaking of a hive mind

idea , where they are in agreement fully and totally in belief ,

not various beliefs , on all the old days , this also

meant living in close proximity , knowing the lay of the land ,

eating food grown on that land , often together , drinking from

the same well , working together , planting , gathering , harvesting get the idea...

This was to assist in weaving energy together , as the threads of

life connected all in the Coven...this is rare , if not unheard of these

days , especially as we move further into a technological world...

2. One cannot say Coven , then *my* Coven , in the same breath ,

nor any other breath...a Coven is never owned , nor even ruled over

yet the High Priest or Priestess , ( who had to ***prove*** their worth

and right to hold that title , which was given by other members , never

claimed ) was a good caretaker and guide , and was the "thirteenth that

had to *disappear* so that the energy could be channeled through them

without their ego blocking it"...

Other than that...which is a lot if one really considers all implications , I

wish you well , and may your will be laser focused enough , and your love

be magnetic and guided enough to only draw that which shall benefit the

most , and create the highest good for all...

You are creating a group...may it one day , become a Coven...

Too many these days , including so called teachers , and authors of books

on the Craft and Magic , have thrown around words like Coven , when they

do not even know what it *really* means...;)

A coven is my family 

My family my coven 

Haha wish u we're closer you can join 

I like the olden ways to ahahaa

But with a new twist 

That why I'm having more members 

Plz advertise my group 

We a family ,

You may consider it as you like...

But as we knew her , long before the Greeks ;

Hecka - Theea would not agree...

But each to their own , sadly , is now the was not always so...;)

Yea I'm not look for agreement I'm looking for truth and like-minded that all if ppl can't don't join easy as that

The word Coven comes from Scotland and the official etymology links it up with something like middle English "to come with", but Scotland was also the home of the Covenanters, a nasty Protestant Sect. Isobel Gowdie was a member of a Covenanter community and their leaders tried and executed her as a Witch. There is good evidence that she really was a Witch, a Fireside Bard and probably part of a Mutual Dreaming group. She used the word Coven in her testimony to describe the other members. Whether she derived the word from old Scottish-English, which she probably spoke or just associated any social network with Covenanting is still a mystery. I’m pretty sure all the villagers used a shortened version of Covenanting such as Coven’n. Nobody knows how many people were in her Coven, and outside of a specific tradition there’s no real rule on how many people you should have. Isobel’s Coven was her family, and you are correct to consider your Coven members as family as well.


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