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Ivery been having rough month, many people I know and interact with have died.

And it's weird because I always see them after they already passed.

Example: coming in to work I see my pal outside of my workplace, I only see his back and he's wearing his usual outfit. I then walk in the building and my Co worker tell me that our pal died and I then find myself questioning reality for I just seen my pal outside. I then run outside and hes gone.

This happend like 3 times this month.
It weighs heavy on me .
And yes I let go of them.

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Maybe they haven't let go of you.
In my way spirit/souls or what have ya don't just pop off as soon as they are released from their present physical selves, they can hang about for a time or forever if they choose.
You are not going bonkers in my personal opinion. Look at it as a gift as they stop by to say good-bye.

Death is a part of life, take it the way you want it.

First I would ask how old you are ... then I would say that you are a very sensitive person and you take friendship very seriously. My wife has been seeing the dead for as long as I have known her, 50 years, and they are always friends or relatives. She will tell me before we even get notified. Just take a deep breath and hold on because it may just be part of your Journey. Be kind and have a fruitful Journey. Mike

I'm 24 .
It is true that I am sensitive.
A journey indeed.

I get that life is part of death but even though that's true, it takes time to get used to not being in the presence of another. I feel you're lucky Baltazaar you get to see one last goodbye.

I believe that I'm ok but with some time I begin to miss their fine figure pacing this earth..

It's as if I need them to be their because they knew /know who I am thus stimulating and supporting my existence.

It is something I must overcome.


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