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Ok have a new idea.. how about we make this a Foodie Discussion ..anyone interested? or I will be closing this discussion board. My groups have been approved.. please come join them if they interest you!!

Blessings an C'Ya in the groups!!

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I'm a Pisces and Proud of it. I absolutely love my zodiac sign :)
I like it, "Pisces: The Dreamer"

Aquarius here an I too love an fit my sign.. So glad you enjoy!! I never know what I will post here an you are free to post what catches your eye too Hugz

Cool.  While I'm a Pisces = Sun, I'm an Aquarius Rising.

Have you got your full birth chart done?

Years ago.. Thanks so much will check it out!! I havent had tome to practice much but have all the info ready when I can start charting again LOL

I hope you enjoy it. I think it describes me very accurately. When I showed it to my friends. They also felt they had an accurate description.

Pisces - Sun
Aquarius - Rising
Mars - Taurus
Venus - Aquarius
Mercury - Aquarius
Venus - Libra

But if you want to know my Chinese Zodiac, I'm an Earth Snake :D

I do very quick n easy.. will be sharing that link!! We love free stuff LOL..

awesome :) 

This is a good day to allow yourself to be swallowed up in some good poetry. Any real-world tasks you tackle are bound to turn into a jumbled mess. Leave the real world to someone more equipped to deal with it.

Things that interest me are music. I have a wide music taste.
I like J-Rock, J-pop, Scandinavian metal, Latino, etc

Danza Kuduro - Don Omar

Shakira - Suerte

Matsushita Yuya, as Alucard. In Alucard's New Song

Very Kool.. a old rock n roller here.. or just old  LOL!!


Juniper (and cedar which was mentioned) is a good substitution for sage; for many people, juniper grows locally, and is simply easier to obtain than sage (which you may not actually be able to grow in your area).


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