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I was considering something a few minutes ago that had occurred to me last year when I was watching the movie WISHMASTER(I have all 3 on sd card) what it made me think of is What if the reason the Christians began the crusades killing all pagans was not only so they could become the dominant religion but because they have knowledge of a day that shall come when this world will be invaded by some kind of magical being that can only be defeated by use of Magick such as Wiccans,Shamans and Druids use, with no extremely powerful Magic users in the world then these beings whatever they may be could be victorious.

If this is truly the case this world needs those like us who can use magick to defend the world against such creatures should that day ever arrive.

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For that theory, there'd have to be something in Christian mythology that would speak of such an evil day.  But there isn't.

Secondly, historically, the Crusades were a power grab, only started by some hapless Constantinople leader who asked the Pope for some help defending his city against Muslim raiders/invasion and ended up starting a centuries long series of pseudo-religious wars. 

Sounds bogus to me, wherever your mind went watching a movie, it isn't that, and a what if theory is just that and nothing more. I would never think this is plausible at all. Sorry that is my two cents.

I dunno about that but you should research Cyril and Hypatia. That was before the crusades and it happened in Alexandria. It was the beginning of the dark ages. :/

magical being, nawww, the main reason for the crusades was a rightful response to centuries of Muslims abuse and expansion, taking over country after country advancing Muslim dominance, so who was really the one trying to become the dominant religion and who was defending there religion, talk about slow to took the Christians centuries to finally fight back, but it was all in vain, most those country's are now dominated by the Muslims and they are still advancing, taking over country's from within even in America.

Muslims are a patient lot. Allah works slowly sometimes. It may takes thousands of years. The bloody sword of Islam never stops advancing.

Not in India. They ruled for 800 years. :-/

Christians were killing pagans and obliterating pagan sacred sites long before the Crusades. The Crusades had nothing to do with paganism.

The Crusades were a series of wars between the Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam for control of sites holy to both parties.

The Wishmaster is a typical Hollywood horror shlock, to be enjoyed but not taken seriously.


The Crusades were about gaining control of the source of money-making relics (i.e. the “Holy” land) from the Muslims. They killed anyone that got in their way including other Christians, even sacking Constantinople at one point. At the time, there were very few admitted pagans in Europe or the Middle East. Except for the Sabians who lived in Muslim lands and were considered protected.

except christianity has a lot of magic in it's teachings. Magic is knowledge and knowledge is power and power corrupts.


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