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It has come to my attention that in order to summon a demon, you need something to entice it to be summoned by you. But what exactly is needed?

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There has been a new take on evocation.More of an animistic/shamanistic approach.Doing away with all the threats and tortures if the spirit doesn't comply.

Then there is the Demonolatry approach to where they are worshiped and given reverence.The summoning uses Enns and sigils unique to each demon. 

The perfect Demon Lure, ideal for Bass Walleye,Trout & Salmon.

Never Catch What You Cannot Pull Into

The Boat And Get It To Land Safely !

Oops, wrong website answer to thread, should have been North Wales Sea fishing catches:(

Wise words Shaun, reckon for Demons n Spirits I will rely on the old `Spirit House`,                    ( acknowledgement to previous owner of Boscastle Witchcraft Museum Graham King for allowing me free reign to photograph exhibits).

Though intended for `friendly` Spirits, it works equally well for drawing in those malignant entities that manifest occasionally and require capture/banishment.

Image result for Folded Envelope image


Image result for Perthro Rune


Today , Who , this rune is known as Pethro ;

But in the twenty nine rune system of Witchcraft ,

known as Freya's Runes , by those initiated ,

we know it as Payuurt , or said backwards ,

Truuyap , which became a variety of words ,

including trap ;


It is found in the shape of the envelope ,

( turned on it's side )

and when a demon's name was inscribed

with the symbol known here as Eel

on a piece of paper and inserted into

the envelope then sealed ,

and placed in a spirit house construct ,

it was trapped if the charge

was great enough imbued into the construct


There is also a particular geometric design

incorporating certain runes in the creation

of the spirit house that works best


Note the runes Ay - Yer and Ing ,

and see how those could easily be woven into the design ,

again and again


Very interesting Shawn, there`s information  in there that I wasn`t aware of, I`m obliged Sir.

My pleasure , Who...;)

As well , one may note Ing is our rune for Iron ,

thus the sound (Th ) Ing , when iron strikes iron ;

And with Ay - Yer meaning among other things ,

protection in two worlds , one attains the idea of

an iron cage , and protection in this world , and

the Otherworld...

Note as well , an old idea of the atom as an image ,

if Ay - Yer is made three dimensional...

Yet , as well see the idea of the magical cage of energy in Dr. Strange...

Lucifer Comics

Doctor Strange

That makes perfect sense Shawn, thank you for the info.

Depends on what you’re looking to summon.


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