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Did our obsession with apocalypses, and in particular a zombie apocalypse, mirror the resurfacing of fascism in America, or did it summon it? After all, ‘Will’ can change reality, and Will is Desire X Thought (or attention). A desire for radical change combined with an obsession with devastation (by zombies no less) would tend to shift reality in favor of that stream of thought. What do you think?

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Id personally say Fascism is not resurfaced but been a continuous obstacle that we've been dealing with since Alexander the Greats time and even before, though historically before Alexandria we don't tend to view these ancient civilizations as Dictatorial leaderships in the way that Hitler, Stalin and the New World Order have/had it but I mean there's always been a law and an agenda! Now I personally don't believe in the "Zombie Apocalypse" I believe in zombies in a Necromantic sense and I believe in Apocalyptic scenarios but I don't believe that the apocalypse and zombies will coincide greatly. Did our obsession with zombies resurface or manifest zombies in our actual reality. Um could I guess..I definitely believe that intent and will provoke our universal manifest into reality. But I don't see any evidence of this...Has anyone seen evidence of the dead rising from the grave on a mass level? I'm more worried about things dying than being reanimated, like bees and bats and phyto-plankton, seems to me that's going to bring about an apocalyptic scenario before zombies do but that's just my input...




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Music , Video ,  Meme


The First Step To Shifting Modern Mass Consciousness

Rob Zombie and White Zombie are so boss.

Yeah , I do love them , yet I do know the symbology

and lyrics behind the scenes , and what effect it has

on consciousness...

There are people in our "intelligence community" that

do not like those of us who know the code , and reveal it...;)

And In The Code I Teach


Zombie Apocalypse Show = 1008


New Order Of Ages = 1008


Just Happenstance Resonance ?


I Am Code Of Illuminati = 1009


Knights Templar Cypher Code = 1008

Zombies existed before they became a horror trope. They just don't exist in the way you think they do.

I am well aware , and I think most are , that zombies existed ,

especially in voodoo magical practices , as one of the arts of

the bokor ;

Not the only info , or the best , but good enough :

However , here I believe Medb's question deals with media ,

memes , and perception in modern society...

A surrender of one's will in desperation , combined with the

soul loss created by a lack of nurturing and continual attack

of one's survival , on many levels , creates submissive mentality ,

ready to allow others to control them...

As Child O' Pantheon states , this has been the state of affairs for

a long time , yet with modern tech , the meme spreads quicker...

Imbuing the vulnerable , and impressionable , with programming

designed to make one ready to turn over power to another , is

quite obvious , when one looks around this world , and music ,

images , memes and certain drugs , are at the forefront of mind

control techniques...

There are those who purposefully do all the can to keep the

masses of humanity , in a docile mindspace , asking for their

masters to save them , and tell them what to do...;)

Yeah, the current envisioning of the Zombie is a completely different 'animal' to the traditional Zombie that I grew up with. Unfortunately, the current collective mind has the "Night of the Living Dead" version of Zombies running through it's astral brain. What we're talking about is really the concept of "Mindless Feeders" rather than Zombies per se, which is what you saw at Charlottesville. In real-life feeding on hate rather than flesh.

The idea of zombies have been around for centuries.

Modern pop culture popularity about zombies is less about them as a symbol of the apocalypse and more as an easy target for pop culture TV and movie heroes to shoot and not have any sticky guilty ethical issues about doing it.


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