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Yup. I had to get as much chocolate as possible

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you can Jamie.. borrow someone's kid that you know and dress up as well, no one will know the difference... they will just think you are cool and in the "spirit" of things and mail me a butterifnger if you get any OK? YUM
Sadly, no. My parents were of the "Halloween is an evil pagan holiday that celebrates the Devil!" variety.
yup, same here. What variety of christian? (who else would think up such a thing?)
Why, evangelical, of course!

ah, I was raised Jehovah's Witness and that was the same thought and almost identical wording. Same for Easter and Christmas too.

Guess they got things partially right, pagans celebrated first.

it's like that down here in the south in many places.  the churches usually have games for them and they get candy from the trunk of a car. but they don't dress up. and what's weird is that in my neighborhood, kids don't trick or treat here.  they go to the mall to get candy given out by store employees. weird, i know and nope, i can't explain why they do it. maybe it's a southern thing.

It's not a Southern thing, although it's more common in inner cities.  We have "Trunk of Treating" in various places too, some before Halloween, and some in place of it (so to speak).  I take my kids to a couple before, and then we go out that night.  However, kids are generally dressed up for these, here. 

As for the razor blades/poison thing, there's only ever been a couple of times that people have actually found that true, and they were all from family members, not the general public. I do remember my mother insisting on going over EVERY piece of candy we got as kids, and if it looked at all suspicious, it was tossed.

We  loved Halloweeen My favorite Holiday we got,  to do everything  once year were, not allow to od  any other time of the year.

Take candy from strangers eat to you dropped.  Be silly , dress up ,watch scary  movies, go  out after dark.

It was so much fun!  

Hey  I have a five year old so we just trick or treat around  here a block or two.

We  find out what times and days each neighborhood is having  Halloween and go to those days as well :)

Sopme people our trying ot ruin Halloween for  everybody else.


Heck yes I did! I used to go out gallivanting with a group of friends, with parents in toe, as early as we could. I remember making several trips home as fast as I could to unload my pillow case so I could collect more sweets.

Did anyone else have to sing for their candy? I specifically having to sing this silly kids Halloween song at some of the neighbors houses, or to tell a joke.

my kids have had to sing a silly song or poem - "trick or treat, smell my feet, or give me something good to eat"
No. Never. We did not have that in England, not in those days.
I'm 34, and I STILL dress up when I take my kids out, and we go to multiple places, for trick or treating.


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