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In my Tradition , we use gematria to see

the Web Of Weyyrd , and make the magical link...

In this particular case , I would like to bring attention

to some most interesting connections by numerical


R - Complex = 848

Neocortex = 849

Psychic Powers = 848

Horned Goddess = 848

Further :

Spacetime = 265

Architect = 265

And , the Grand Gallery leading to the King's Chamber in

the Great Pyramid , has an angle of 26.5 degrees , the

same as the approximate angle in each human being , from

the base of the skull , ( known as the seat of the goddess )

to the front of the brain , where is said to be the "third eye"...

Here are some links to begin the discussion :

My interest is in what others can add to an intelligent discussion ,

regarding techniques used in magic to engage sensory perception ,

internally visualized , and felt , and link it to magical languages

utilized during ritual , and visualization techniques , to bring about

an outcome...

Further , could there have been a reason for the angle of the pyramid

gallery , images of the Horned Goddess , in Khem / Egypt , and elsewhere

in cultures , and esoteric practices , as well the connection of spacetime ,

and the Grand Architect of the universe in Masonry ?

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In the beginning there was the word;

Been wondering for several years about the connection between the sub- conscious and the quantum universe.

 Question? what do you think about the Mind - Machine marriage? Did the Ancient's leave clues? 

Were Crystals used by certain Adepts for mind amp's? 

Hello , David...

Nice to interact with you , this way...:)

A couple of years ago , there was an article

in Scientific American , regarding black holes ,

and the beginning of the universe...

As well , sonics , and fluidic pressure...

Interestingly , in our code , and Tradition , the

words :

Wired = 451

Abyss = 451

Web Of Weyyrd = 451

Self Realized Life = 451

And that sum , 451 , is the sum of the four corner

symbols of our dual eleven column , and our Tree...

( Check my thread , if you wish , "Personal Ritual

And Raising Blue Fire" )

You shall see my last post in the thread , as of today ,

is of the Tree...

Interestingly , the four elemental pairs of symbols , plus

the center pair in the Tree , have a value of 430...

Which is the value for :

Mound = 430

Subconscious = 430

Two things here...

One , is the relation to the god Ptah , and him on

the primal mound , rising up from the waters of chaos...

Two , the idea of mounds , natural , or human constructed ,

and the Telluric Current , which is strongest over underground

chambers , or underground water...where we did our rituals , or

built temples , due to our knowledge that current is the "carrier

wave" for the astral currents of the elemental forces...

Because this triggers the reptile brain ( so called ) , and "shocks

the monkey" into a higher awareness...

As far as the mind - machine marriage ?

Why use an outside device , when we are capable of booting up

the human bio - computer into a room temperature quantum computer

via certain initiatory techniques ?

There are clues everywhere for those with the keys to the code , and

the ability to "See" , not just "look"...

Ah , crystals...I have had many experiences with those...

I have posted here on Paganspace , last year early , quite

a bit on crystals , and my associates...

Let me see if I can find that link...give me some time for that...;)

Thanks for engaging !

Here is the link for that , David...

A few posts I made , regarding crystals...

Follow the links in the thread , where I posted...

To me, Marcel Vogel’s work looks Alchemical, which means what was going on in his mind while cutting the crystals was far more important than the actual shape of the crystal. However, if he didn’t cut them to the right shape, what was going on in his mind would not have taken shape either. There are stories of people sneaking into an Alchemist’s room and stealing some of his powder for making gold. However, when they tried to use it, the lead did not transform. When they complained to the Alchemist that his powder didn’t work, he told them to go back and check the crucible, and on checking, the lead had turned to gold. It’s not the powder that makes the gold but the Alchemist.

“We have seen that the atom of chemistry, for instance, demonstrates the quality of intelligence; it shows symptoms of discriminative mind and the rudiments of selective capacity. Thus the tiny life within the atomic form is demonstrating a psychic quality – take the atom that goes to the building of form in the mineral kingdom; it shows not only discriminative selective mind, but elasticity.”6

Here Marcel is speaking my language. There's a field of freewill underpinning mind and matter. The quantum field gets to choose how its waveform collapses.

Very good , Mebd !

Both your posts , are exactly the feedback I was looking for...

One must change program , and frequency to bridge consciousness...

Rational mind , as discriminating selective mind , is particular , one could

say , to allow the elasticity of the wave to have a framework for formation...

A crystallizing of light...

As I said to a physics teacher from U of O , years ago , who gave me a ride

when I was hitching to Eugene...

Einstein , only revealed one part of the formula...

When two or more are gathered , there is creation...

Thus , it is when two , or more phase lock a "tensor grid"

of consciousness...not just agreeing , yet brain waves in

full synchronization , we achieve the other part of the formula...

EM = C squared : "Energy Mass = Consciousness Squared"

Part of the initiatory tradition , is to create a phase lock , to others

or a current , of and in that tradition...which when successful , alters

what is termed reality...

Thank you for your comments !

After mulling it over a bit, I think Vogel’s crystals are classic enchanted objects. Through the Alchemical process of forming and cutting the crystals, Vogel also shaped the awareness of the freewill field (K-Field), which allows its quantum field to cohere. This causes the crystals to have a personality. I’m not sure the actual arrangement of the atoms does anything per se, but the intent behind the shape, embeds within the crystal’s freewill field, which then influences the other awareness’s with which it comes in contact. I think Vogel and I are talking about the same thing. He calls it an information band while I call it a K-Field (K after the Keres). However, I have a mathematical proof to back me up. :)

Very good , Mebd !

I like interacting with you...*smiles*

Intent , and Inform , are two very important principles

within magickal tradition...interestingly , the gematria

value for :

Shape = 186

Place = 186

Back Of Head = 186

And :

Personality = 553

Information = 552

Just for fun...*laughs*

I have to admit my gematria is weak. It’s on my research list, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. However, you could think of gematric relationships as a form of relational encoding/decoding. Everything has content (internal meaning), form (external meaning) and order (relational meaning or geometry). When you apply a gematric relation (math term) you change the form to reveal (or create) new order. The content doesn’t go away, but becomes enriched — making it yummier to certain fields of awareness. The operations “idea” → “word” → “number” ⇒ “number” → “word” → “idea” define a net of associations. Recognition in the K-Field is not by name, that’s a human thing, but by signature. A signature in this case is a net of associations just like a gematric relation. In this way gematria generates a mythic or metaphoric web or order — a geometry.

This is one of the best ways I have heard someone

phrase the underlying reality via gematria...;)

Well done !

Are you familiar with Brian Greene ?

( quantum physicist )

"Why use an outside device"  Power. Watts in electronics. It takes 50mw of power

to reach orbit.

 I would use the device to astral travel to some of the Exo-Planets discovered. Which lead's me

to wonder as I write this if power or ability comes naturally, like a bird catching the breezes to




Read the link on Marcel Vogel , and his ability

to make the crystals work , when cut , where

others were not...

Then consider Pauli ( Pauli Effect ) , and his

ability to make machines not work...

Perhaps we host power and ability in differing

amounts , yet each can be booted up from a

base state by initiatory processes , or daily

practice , or interaction with certain geomantic

locations , where earth power is accentuated...

I shall think on that...let me know what you think

on the Blue Fire thread , and add to that the blue

flash , seen and measured in the Vogel crystal article...

Interestingly , one of our arrangements of symbols ,

adds to 455...note 454 , in his article , and that in

gematria , 455 , as well , equals :

Telluric Current = 455

Talk soon ?


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