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In my Tradition , we use gematria to see

the Web Of Weyyrd , and make the magical link...

In this particular case , I would like to bring attention

to some most interesting connections by numerical


R - Complex = 848

Neocortex = 849

Psychic Powers = 848

Horned Goddess = 848

Further :

Spacetime = 265

Architect = 265

And , the Grand Gallery leading to the King's Chamber in

the Great Pyramid , has an angle of 26.5 degrees , the

same as the approximate angle in each human being , from

the base of the skull , ( known as the seat of the goddess )

to the front of the brain , where is said to be the "third eye"...

Here are some links to begin the discussion :

My interest is in what others can add to an intelligent discussion ,

regarding techniques used in magic to engage sensory perception ,

internally visualized , and felt , and link it to magical languages

utilized during ritual , and visualization techniques , to bring about

an outcome...

Further , could there have been a reason for the angle of the pyramid

gallery , images of the Horned Goddess , in Khem / Egypt , and elsewhere

in cultures , and esoteric practices , as well the connection of spacetime ,

and the Grand Architect of the universe in Masonry ?

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The merkabah meditation , or counter - rotating

the energy field , is a template for renewal...

However , we live in spacetime , there is no need

reach it...if you are intending to say , moving out

of "ordinary spacetime" awareness , into not 13 ,

but 26 vertical dimensions , above worlds as well

as under worlds , then I would agree , as we teach

our Tradition...

That is why , we encoded in the English Alphabet ,

within the 26 letters , the phrase UV JKL EFG...

Remember , there is no time , on the Otherside...

Thus , it is the Ultraviolet Jackal Effigy , or Anubis ,

who leads you through the Duat...

It is actually a simple exercise , performed by "Will" ,

as that is the keyword for the Chariot card of the Tarot ,

and Merkabah , in Hebrew , means Chariot...has a value

of 267...which as well , equals :

Will = 267

Matter = 267

And , just to note :

Sonics = 267

And if you are refering to a tetrahedral shape , with

the words tetron  triangle , then I understand...;)

Actually , the shape of the Grand Gallery , and other

galleries leading to the chambers , are made of two of

the same runes , intersecting...

This is the only rune , repeated twice in our code , and

means "Light" , among other meanings , including "Energy"...

Thus , Light unto Light , or put another way , visible light ,

and invisible body background , on this side of

the looking glass of the mirror universe...

As one of our Tradition's students said :"The Stars Are In The

Light , Not The Light In The Stars"...

Now , I never mentioned Horned Gods , as that does not equal

the same number as Horned Goddess , which has the same value

as what I posted previously , that of 848...

The reason for focusing on specifically the Horned Goddess , is

doing so , links R - Complex , to Neo Cortex , in a very specific

way , and turns on and increases Psychic Powers...

This is an example of how specific our Gematria Tradition is...

A wrong word , or spelling , creates a disharmonic in the formula...

And our formulas are a science and Tradition , not my personal

number theories...a theory is used by empirical science , as a

"placeholder" during replication , and documentation , of an

experiment ( one way of saying it )...

Those who know how things fit together , have no need for theories...

Just saying , no weirdness meant...:)

( I shall look at the videos tomorrow ) ( thanks ! )

Something to meditate on , for now :

Displaying 14StarPyramidAlignments.jpg

Please note where there is no pyramid , one Rune

means "Rites Of Passage , Power To Move Forward"

and the other can mean "Day"...

Therefore , "Coming Forth By Day" , the true name

for what is called the Egyptian Book Of The Dead...;)

No problem , but thought I would let you know...

Example ?

Old computer , 54mps , tried to watch Sacred Knowledge

video , part one...20 + minutes later , still loading , no

sign of it finishing...

Sometimes faster...depending on time of day...;)

So , I can not tell if the videos you posted relate to

the thread subjects , or be helpful to others , or not...

Same with others who post - see - ems ,

most of the time...streaming ?

What is that ?

*so for me , written responses work better*

Thanks , and perhaps they will help others...

Cymatics I have known of , as well one of my

friends , years ago , was Karma Moffit , who

did Tibetan bowl and bell healing techniques...

He had one of the largest collections of bowls ,

bells , gongs , and horns , and played them over ,

around , and on people...

For years , he was with another friend of mine ,

who could sing in eight octaves , and more...

Sonics , and patterns...matter rearranged...

Crystallized light , and frequency...structure , and

morphology , and the art of transformation via the

human body , and sensory input , internal visualization ,

and the frequency the physical matrix can integrate...

I use sonics in my rituals , as well magickal language ,

to create vortices , tensor grids , and tesseracts...

Among other things...;)

I was able to see and copy this...

This is Karma Moffet...enjoy !


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