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In my Tradition , we use gematria to see

the Web Of Weyyrd , and make the magical link...

In this particular case , I would like to bring attention

to some most interesting connections by numerical


R - Complex = 848

Neocortex = 849

Psychic Powers = 848

Horned Goddess = 848

Further :

Spacetime = 265

Architect = 265

And , the Grand Gallery leading to the King's Chamber in

the Great Pyramid , has an angle of 26.5 degrees , the

same as the approximate angle in each human being , from

the base of the skull , ( known as the seat of the goddess )

to the front of the brain , where is said to be the "third eye"...

Here are some links to begin the discussion :

My interest is in what others can add to an intelligent discussion ,

regarding techniques used in magic to engage sensory perception ,

internally visualized , and felt , and link it to magical languages

utilized during ritual , and visualization techniques , to bring about

an outcome...

Further , could there have been a reason for the angle of the pyramid

gallery , images of the Horned Goddess , in Khem / Egypt , and elsewhere

in cultures , and esoteric practices , as well the connection of spacetime ,

and the Grand Architect of the universe in Masonry ?

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I was able to see and copy this...

This is Karma Moffet...enjoy !

Thanks Shawn-this was wonderful! I LOVE singing bowls-been trying to get my hands on a rose quartz one,or two! I need the extra one for my essences!:) Sounds like you really put forth a lot of effort for your rituals,I shall stay tuned to your postings:) BBE:))


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