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I just have a question because I have not seen this anywhere.

Does everyone, including those who are not pagan, go to the summerland once they are deceased? Is this what pagans believe or is this something that differs between each religion.

I ask because when I was christian, those who do not believe in god go to hell, as I am sure everyone on this website is aware. So for those who do not believe in the pagan belief, is there something similar? Such as being tortured in the underworld or trapped in-between dimensions, or is it left to a god/dess' discretion?

Any resourses are encouraged. Please be civil. 


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I don't know *where* people go when they die. The "Summerlands" deal is a Wiccan thing, non traditional at that. I don't know who goes where, or what happens then. I guess everyone will find out eventually. If I had to guess, maybe one's spirit, in some form hangs around wherever their remains are.

I have always thought that a cemetery is that last place to look for a ghost.  Unless you are looking for the ghost of the former undertaker, because most people do not hang around and have experiences in cemeteries.

I'm replying quite late to this conversation,but you might find my beliefs of interest. 

As a follower of the Celtic deities Mabon ap Modron, and through my research on the Minoan 7-fold Labyrinth, I believe when we die, we return to Caer Sidi, taken there by Arianrhod on her ship the 'Oar Wheel.'

The Christian concept of Hell comes from the early Christians as a way to make people be nice to each other. It has no real reality.

We all return to Caer Sidi regardless of our beliefs in God. Perhaps other religions will do the same in whatever version they believe in, and here we spend the next eighty years in blissful forgetfulness, until we plan our next life with others. 

see my website

That's an interesting take on it. My beliefs have extended to something of a similar nature.

I follow Celtic Shamanistic practices as well, however I have one contention here - Lets take an example: Say some tribal African or South American tribe.  They may believe they go to some other place, or at least give it another name.

It might be interesting to look at the similarities between these afterlife experiences and say "Okay here is the general model" and then we can each have our own "names" for these places and experiences, but "Caer Sidi", or "Summerland". or "Heaven", or "what-have-you" (my personal favorite) seems a bit impolite if we insist "this is what happens" (And I am not implying that you did that Meridian)  -  it is just that I think we may get tied up in our language and tradition terms - Allen Watts expressed this idea, that our language and tradition gets us to see things in a rather myopic way.

If you take a sizable hit of DMT (and all of us will when we die) you will find that these labels and words, and traditions melt away into the true reality.

I think your forgetting Mike R that I was expressing a personal belief or UPG in what happens when we die, as is everyone else who is commenting on this thread. My view is for anyone to read and decide for themselves what they think of this. If I have to consult a lawyer before I press send with some sort of disclaimer that this view 'in know way effects you or your personal beliefs, and it should not be inferred that this is the final say on the matter'.

Then I don't know why anyone bothers with the site to find out what others think if their so threatened by anyone's opinions who might have a different view from their own?

If you look at the experiences of skilled astral projectors, there are stories of visiting these different afterlife locations. It seems to be that belief and expectationtake you to whichever realm. Knowing this, after death it may be possible to travel from "heaven" to "heaven" and explore or visit other souls. But who knows, those stories may be the experience of people who had the expectation of seeing multiple afterlives so that was their experience. The truth is what is beyond the veil is the ultimate mystery. Perhaps the gnostics were right, creation is a prison and freedom comes when all is nothing. Who knows

 No every one doesn't go to the summer lands! Although there are a wide variety of answers to this question the correct explanation is given in The Tibetan book of the dead. This is essentially that after death people see what they expect to see. So if you are christian you will see Jesus or Buddhist you will see the Buddha and so on. So if you believe in the summer lands that is where you will go.

However the book explains that this is only a subjective delusion. You must realize that you are seeing a delusion and move out of it into what the Buddhists call the clear light before you are ready to move on. The situation is actually more complex than that but that will do as a beginning. Essentially you create your own afterlife! This has also always been the teaching in pagan and esoteric circles in Europe too. The two best books that I can recommend on this subject are The Theory of Eternal Life by Rodney Collin and Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead. (This book appears in other editions as  Through thE Gates of Death).

A witch died and went to the Summer :ands, When she got there she met the Goddess. Suddenly she noticed a gigantic circular wall thousands of Feet high cutting off a section of the Summer Lands from everything else. Holy Mother she asked the Goddess what is the purpose of that wall? "Oh That!" said the Goddess "That's for the Christians. They think that they are the only ones here!"

Essentially you create your own afterlife!

In the same way you create this life.  Everyday we create the life we live, but most of us are not the least bit aware of it, and those of us who are, still are having trouble locating all of the levers and buttons that run this thing!

Look at the ocean on any given day.  Look at the individual waves...

But they are not really individual, are they?  You can see the tops of the "individual" waves but they are still made entirely out of "Ocean stuff" and eventually melt into the whole of the ocean.

Lets pretend that each of those "waves" has a personality, an ego, a belief system, a religion. Then they "die" (ie: crash upon the shore and lose their corporeal identity).

And where do "they" go? Well, I think consciousness may be quite a bit like that.

There are many theories relating to this subject. you can chose and believe what you wish..belief is everything after life. You never die because Scientifically you are an energy that is neither created or destroyed but you continue to change your forms across many life and this is reincarnation..So whatever you believe you're contemplating in it throughout your life thereby get close to that and achieve it afterlife....You do not chose your birth place or forms..It's the karma that chose..If your karma as human is good then you get a better life in your next. If your Karma is bad then you get a life pertain to your bad deeds where sometimes you're reduced to lower species and you have time in that life as much as you're saturated with that karma. Human form of life is the best amongst the entire animal kingdom

Different kinds of heavens ( permanent , temporary )are also subject to karma.. There are Atheist with good karma. They do not worship God or believe in God but and they too go to heaven and enjoy due to their good-deeds..Once their Karma gets over in the respective heavens they come back from temporary heavens....Time is different in each heavens and the time is higher than our earth..For eg time in Brahma-loka is unimaginable for human as a result 1 day in brahma loka = billions of years in earth and in again in Indra-loka is yet again different and so on...

There are also permanent heaven from which you never come back..This is when your Karma in earth as human being is fulfilled totally and they're not subjected or influenced in the big-bang...They enjoy a different kingdom full of bliss. Untouched by Time , Karmas. 

If you are pagan then you have different heavens....There is only one God but the different heavens are representation of the different phase of this one god. You have also concept of Nothingness. This is for people who believe we go back to nothingness but they are subjected to the "Big-bang"..Today Modern Science have proved Big-bang..Remember, the modern science is yet "light-years" behind the ancient advanced Science and tech.  

It differs based on religious beliefs. Some believe in reincarnation, for example. So the answer, is no.


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