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I know that there are a lot of 'end-times' discussions going on not just in the Pagan community but everywhere. Especially after the scale of natural disasters we have been seeing lately.

I know that many of us as Pagans have been noticing a shift in people's though processes. We went from being hippies to being ultra-hip by being 'green' before it was cool to being old hats at a revolution in global thinking. I am thrilled that humankind seems to be coming around, but I also have this horrible feeling sometimes that it is just too little too late.

Everything is tied together and I get the feeling that if any of us survive the next few generations, what we are witnessing now is the fall of humankind.

Does anyone else think there is a very real danger of human extinction? Maybe Gaia feels we must all go in order to restore the balance.

Sorry to be such a downer but it has been on my mind. I worked hard to do my part so that my kids have an earth to inherit and I am becoming discouraged.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I have taken a "don't care if the world is ending" view. Yes, it is very sad with everything happening in other parts of the world and hell, we had 50MPH gusts of wind here a few days ago. I will do my part to help out when I can, but I'm just going to keep going.


Unfortunately, I'll be driving here soon as well. Sorry, mama nature, but Brig needs to see Ireland before the horse turd hits the fan, and that means working & driving. :(

I don't believe it's ever to late to change. Work on your little corner of the great planet and let the rest work on their corner. If you look at the whole picture it becomes impossible and frustrating. This will make you think it's impossible and then you give up. So just work on your corner, complete something for the planet in your corner, see the difference it makes.

I don't see the human race ending. I do see it changing, now in what way, we will have to wait and see.


The world is not dying, merely changing. We are both blessed and cursed to be able to witness it in our lifetimes. It will be a difficult transition, one which everyone is not guarenteed to survive. Our presence now allows us to be a part if shaping our new future. It is not time to lay down and die, rather it is the time to make change for the better. Better for all of us.
Thank you. This has been in line with my thoughts. I just needed a reminder of the positive. :)
I like what you said Thornton about making change for the better.
We are living,breathing,loving,hating,doing,creating,moving,growing,being spiritual,depressed,elated and a thousand other things humans do daily.......As long as one person is still doing this,it is not over,that is giving up. I'm a survivors from a long line iof fighters and those that figured out out. Attitude plays big into this too.

Some places of the world will be shaken a lot due to plate tectonics. I can not help people who want to see this as 'Gaia being pissed'. If it is 'Gaia', she is stretching a bit making herself comfy, and eventually to work on this bringing Japan and California together, as She has been doing since quite a while in Her great wisdom. All continents used to be one continent bay back then. Feel free to look up History of the Earth.



Slowly over the last ten years my husband and I have felt a 'need' to be ready.  We didn't know for what.  Kinda like the feeling you get when you're on the shore in texas and there's a storm way out at sea.  You can't see it or feel the rain but, you feel something is a comin' as grannies say;) 


I started practicing how to do wierd stuff like make cheese, work in candle light, make the candle, recycle blah blah.  Now I can breathe a sigh of relief because I don't look all that crazy.

EXACTLY!! I don't want to be a Y2K nut but it just seems like in 'The Stand' where nobody actually knew how to make things work because nobody knew how to do for themselves anymore.

I want to sign my kids up for survival camp. Is that over the top? I think it will be good for them.

Making cheese sounds awesome. Maybe we should start a thread about that. I would love to hear about all the skills that we have developed that are practical if 'outdated'. Candlemaking/soapmaking/cheesemaking :)

The skill I am wanting to learn next is carpentry. My Mom was apparently pretty good at it back in the day. I think I would enjoy it.

Start with the natural disasters that are prone to your area.  Is it hurricane? Tornadoe?  Flooding?  Prepare for those things FIRST.
EXACTLY,deal with YOUR life and World first ,immediately around you and what you can control or at least help influence
I am a Native North Dakotan........we survive and enjoy it......


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