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I know that there are a lot of 'end-times' discussions going on not just in the Pagan community but everywhere. Especially after the scale of natural disasters we have been seeing lately.

I know that many of us as Pagans have been noticing a shift in people's though processes. We went from being hippies to being ultra-hip by being 'green' before it was cool to being old hats at a revolution in global thinking. I am thrilled that humankind seems to be coming around, but I also have this horrible feeling sometimes that it is just too little too late.

Everything is tied together and I get the feeling that if any of us survive the next few generations, what we are witnessing now is the fall of humankind.

Does anyone else think there is a very real danger of human extinction? Maybe Gaia feels we must all go in order to restore the balance.

Sorry to be such a downer but it has been on my mind. I worked hard to do my part so that my kids have an earth to inherit and I am becoming discouraged.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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No I don't believe it's too late.. never have.. the earth goes through cycles constantly.. in the early 1800 in this country in Southern Missouri 1806 -1811 a series of earthquakes were frequent,  the Mississippi river flowed backward for a while... I'm sure people then thought it was the end of the world as well.. and there have been natural disasters recorded all through the history of the USA and in places that probably would surprise people.. no use in worrying about it.. life is never safe....would be a good idea though to get some survival skills under your belt... although technology is a grand thing it doesn't hurt to know how to live without it as well...


I think Obama should have listened to Warren Jeffs.


Just kidding.


I do not think the human race will become extinct.  I think tragedies, whether caused by nature or caused by man, are part of evolution and the way of Life and the Universe.  People die.  It's sad to see people die when it seems to us to be too early, but life will go on.  If you are worried, take steps to soothe your soul.  Stock up on food, learn survival techniques, live your life and teach your children how to care for the earth...then if the end comes, you can leave this life without guilt, knowing you did everything you could have done to respect Nature and protect yourself and your family.

YUP,get empowered and be a survivor.......choose to
I don't see it as the end of mankind. Mother earth is contantly changing and evolving and I've said this before and I'll say it again. We as humans are just getting in her way. We as humans need to understand that the earth is ever changing and be ready for the fact that it does. If we build big cities on a fault line it's just a matter of time before that city gets knocked down. Same with the volcanoes...a little respect for the earths natural changes would go a long way. But do I believe it's an angry  god getting back on us for the lives we live...Nope. It's just the way the earth works...
Aye,I see it too as such.People build in animals natural habitats and wonder why,too.......

Yes, it is too late. If you mean to 'save' industrial society as we know it. Society as we know it is collapsing and it cannot be stopped. 


In my experience, most of the depression, despair etc about this stuff, has more to do with our own denial than the actual circumstances. And that we can do something about. 

There have been alot of disasters since 2000 came along many natural many man-made, I dont think anyone can disagree to that. What about the bp oil spill in the atlantic last summer?? Besides the hurricanes and the tsunamies and the earthquakes and the volcanoes errupting and the ice melting up in the north pole etc etc... One way or the other the earth will vomit us all out... We are temporary occupants... 

Wow.. is everyone seriously demoralized or what?


Too late?  Yes its far to late to stop what is happening now.  Tomorrow however is a new day, the planning is only beginning, change has not yet started, and a difference can be made.  Unfortunately most here wouldn't understand how to make a positive change.


Seriously, put away the bleeding hearts, enough with the save Gaia... Gaia doesn't need saving, you do.  And you won't like the solution either, it involves engaging industry, building, creating, and making better the world.  Silly demoralized rabbit, no infrastructure is not an improvement.



"YOU DO..." AGREE,attitude and how one thinks and wants to progress forward.....



personally, I believe, there are a lot worse things then the world ending. 




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