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Hi, This is strange for me ...first time and . But I was wandering if any one else has to hide their belief. I have a brother in law who has told family members that I have never met that I am a satan worshipper,he has also gotten my husband to try and make me go to there church.

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I have to hide my magick books from my family because they will take them and trash them. If they do it again, I'm done talking to them. I cannot afford to keep replacing my stuff.
Yes, I have not disclosed by beliefs at work. At my old office, I didn't talk about it nor did I hide it. A few people knew I was pagan. Perhaps more knew but didn't make an issue of it. I had one other coworker who was also pagan and two others who were interested. Three years ago, I transferred to an office in a much smaller and less liberal town. The vast majority of my coworkers are fundamentalist Mormon with a few fundamentalist Christians mixed in. I do not discuss religion at work as I don't desire having problems with my fundamentalist coworkers. I work in a courthouse so being on the bad side of a Mormon judge is not career-wise. I did discover recently one of our bailiffs is Wiccan. She keeps mum about her religion, too. As for my parents, they are temple-going Mormons. My house is obviously pagan themed but they don't say a word. I guess they are in denial and believe in "don't ask, don't tell." I don't want to get into an argument with them, anyway. I respect my elders and fighting with them over religion would be stupid. No one would win the argument.
Oh, ya, I was curious...Is the brother-in-law your sister's husband or your husband's brother?
I don't advertise, but i don't hide either. My family knows that i am a Satanist, and more importantly, what that really means and that i'm not a bad person.
I don't anounce it to everyone, it's none of thier business. Some people will never get it so why have to defend yourself all the time. I have to deal with my mother even thinking holistic healing was "satan worshipping"! I just go about doing what I do, if someone asks a question I tell them what I really think. I so get grief sometimes, but it's none of anyone elses business what I believe. I think they should worry about themselves.
Oh, and as far as the's been almost 11 years we've been together. He knew what I was about when we got together, but I don't think it sunk in right away. His mother, very Catholic, was very excepting and even asked questions. then he went through the "oh, you were serious about that?", we're good. he still thinks I might be off my rocker, but he understands better that what I do has nothing to do with evil or satan or anything like that. Now he picks on me about taking my "broom to " where ever I'm going at the time, and telling me I should be using dollars instead of coins for spells because the economy is bad and "the spirits can't buy anything with that anymore". Yes we are the house of smart ass...LOL
I don't sprout it out, but if people ask I tell them I'm a witch, then they say 'so you worship Satan etc' and then I expand on my beliefs. Other than that I don't tell unless I am asked. I am not ashamed or scared of being judged, I am proud enough to share when needed... lol.

I am lucky I have people who love me for who I am and let me help them understand paganism better. Or I am lucky that my mates don't give a crap about my beliefs, loving me for just being me XD.
My husband, son, daughter-in-law and stepdaughter know. My husband accepts my belief though he's a Christian, my son and dil think I'm weird, but love me, and my stepdaughter thinks it's cool. The rest of my family would freak out so I keep it to myself.
My family rejected me when I married Mrs Tree. Their problem is that she is from the Philippines. She knew that I am a pagan when we married. Her family is of the "don't ask, don't tell" persuasion. They also like me. If Mrs Tree can put up with me for 25 years maybe she does too.

I was fired by a former employer due to my religion. For some reason I will not have a Nokia phone now and they no longer do any manufacturing in the US.

I don't hide anything.
I don't hide it. I wear it everyday in plain sight. I even told my boss I was going to PSG on my vacation. She never even batted an eye.

Your mind belongs to you. Some people just can't let others be.
I have never had to hide, I have had some people tell me that they will pray for me and all that fun stuff -- I am amused by it, at the end of the day I like to remind those people that it was and will always be a personal choice for me, and that I stand behind my choices (No matter what they bring).
I hide nothing...the whole town I live in knows who and what I am :)

that's my new car... my tag is gonna read "hegwych"


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