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Does anybody else really really really really dislike the Universal Waite deck?

I bought it over 4 years ago and I've never gotten used to it. I just don't like it. Next time I visit home, I'm grabbing my trusty old Sasha Fenton deck.

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I personally don't like any of the Waite decks.

This is the only one of them I've used, but aren't they all pretty similar?

The Waite decks seem to be at least to me.

My only complaint with the deck which I don't use, is the unnecessary change of card 11 with 8 which started this trend for no apparent reason.

i think its a good starting point if you're learning or want to compare cards between decks. i prefer more art detailed decks myself though to really spark my intuition. i like to see what people come up with card wise it can really give them a whole new meaning.

I don't see anything wrong with it. I think it makes a good beginner deck, but I prefer the gummy bear version. I've never used it. Still, for someone who is just learning about tarot, it's not a bad starting point. 


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