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Does anyone know the spiritual significance of the Road Runner?

Recently I have had A Road Runner hanging around my property.I have thoroughly enjoyed the presence of the normally elusive bird.Yesterday I walked out my door and it was on the drivers side roof of my car,too crazy huh.I immediately realized it was A message from the spirits.I haven't been able to find any thing on Road Runners on Shamanic sites.Bears,Wolves,and Hummingbirds galore,but nothing about my new friend.To give you an idea,I've lived here for over ten years.I've seen maybe three other Runners.So any info you might have would be helpful.
Blessed Be!

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Road runners represent mental speed and agility. It symbolizes the ability to change directions quickly in ones train of thought. Their presence might symbolize that you'll be relearning your thinking techniques to allow you to think on your feet and make quicker decisions. You could check Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.
drive alert and drive safe. Watch out for the coyote!! LOL
I'm not sure if Deep Silence is joking or not but I have to agree with him. I live in an area with roadrunners. Last Friday, my guy and I were driving up to a magickal place talking about how cool the roadrunners are and how we don't see them as often as we'd like. A few minutes later, driving up I-15, a roadrunner darted in front of the Jeep and he was a goner. I think perhaps roadrunners have bad luck with vehicles and maybe that's why they are a dwindling species.

I like the correspondences other people have posted. I wish my roadrunner could have changed course a little quicker. Poor little sucker. Perhaps he was running from coyote?
Hmm, not sure if this is helpful, but in the Looney Toons Zodiac, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Road Runner. Sorry, that's all I got!
Beep Beep!

Seriously though; as mentioned Animal Speak is indeed a good source for information on the subject and about many of the others that share Mother Earth with us.

TCTG (sorry 4am and cross-eyed tired) summed it up very well.

Hope you slept well and have a bright morning full of laughter

The Road Runner teaches mental agility and speed.
Those with this totem learn to think quickly and on their feet.
This totem can help you learn to shift your thought processes from one task to another with ease.
Road Runner people have increased opportunities to plan and then bring those plans to fruition.
Road Runner people are always thinking.
Their minds are always at work.

Brightest Blessings :)
Thanks, for the info everyone!It just happens that I am about to undergo learning and it will require A change in mental acuity.
Keep them coming.
Blessed Be


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