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Does the word "witch" have a stigma in our community?

I've been noticing a trend that has me puzzled.  A number of people have told me they're "Wiccan but not a witch".  As a Wiccan of many years I can tell you that witchcraft is inextricably woven into the Wiccan religion whether one spell casts, divines, scry's, etc or not. It's built into the core of Wicca.  But my question is, why am I hearing more people resist  the w word?  My thought is that with Wicca becoming more accessible to the public, are people bringing mainstream fears with them?  Thoughts?

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"some places it's your life on the line; others merely your reputation."

I look like a Wizard , or Witch , and wear antler , or bone jewelry , or

a four serpent talisman , with a Masonic dragon piece attached to it...

I carry a carved antler staff , every day...normal everday attire...

My reputation precedes me , not only now , but since I was in my twenties

in the 1970's...I lived in Texas with rednecks , in the South with Baptists , in

the Catholic northeast , in extremely Christian parts of Oregon , and other

places , and traveled extensively...

I have never been shy about who and what I am , and believe , and teach...

And have made it *very* clear , especially to those prejudiced , or judgemental ,

that I am not one to be trifled with , whether physically , or in the realms of spiritual

belief systems...

I refuse to live in fear , or by the judgements of others , and as I have always made

clear , by stating it outright "It is not wise to piss off a Witch , a Wizard or a Druid" ,


You should have seen the faces of the Wackenhut security team , when they made a

deal with me , to let me keep riding the buses in Oregon , if I promised not to curse the

driver again , when he pissed me off with his religious bigotry...

As the chief supervisor said : "I know you , I know the magic works , and you can ride if

you don't do it scared the driver and some passengers shitless , and he is very

sorry he said what he did...we already told the passengers no more arguing about religion..."

I was rolling on the floor , ( practically ) laughing my ass off...

If you live in fear , you die in fear...I my kind always said : "Non Serviam"...

( and some said we "fell"...)

I'm just a witch not Wiccan now I used to borrow some elements from Wicce and sometimes do but I veered off more to the Left Hand Path of esotericsm...I live in Baptist country and know I don't flamboyantly publicly put out I am a witch not good for your safety where I live at..I live in Virginia js the South is close minded in parts and some would still ostracize you and harm you too if they knew you was a witch...

No, problem here.

The thing is not all witches are wiccan there are even Satanic witches so it depends on there belief as well as what they also are

True, not all witches are Wiccan. But I'm seeing Wiccans who purport not to be witches, and it really doesn't work that way. I'm just wondering what's behind this because these people are really emphatic. Is it fear?

I would ask them how *they* define a Wiccan...

Do not attempt to tell them what it is , or is not...

Just say you really want to know , and be open

to what they say...always remember this :

True not all witches are Wiccan.  But people who claim to be Wiccans but not witches do not understand their own religion.  People certainly have the right to define their own spirituality and beliefs, but Wicca is a religion with bones and structure.  Once you use a label for your religion, then definitions and parameters are in place. If one doesn't ascribe to the tenets of the religion, then they should use another label or no label at all.

That meme describes exactly what I'm talking about, by the way.  The notion that one can practice Wicca without the craft,  something which is embedded in our rituals and theology.

See my answer next page...

You and others of BTW , are considered by many new witches ,

to be passe and old school...too rigid in the beliefs...

And it has always been true BTW , is different from other covens of Wicca...

You left out elitist.

You made me laugh out loud with that...;)

I heard a lot bit about this in the Lilitu circles. Jewitchery has been around for the better part of the decade. They use a lot of Kabbalah and Canaanite elements. But other than that, I know next to nothing about it. Most come from Jewish [practicing Jew] backgrounds, to say the least, that's the common thread there.

I'm not Wiccan, but a Druid. I consider myself to the core a witch, but I don't call myself one.


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