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Does the word "witch" have a stigma in our community?

I've been noticing a trend that has me puzzled.  A number of people have told me they're "Wiccan but not a witch".  As a Wiccan of many years I can tell you that witchcraft is inextricably woven into the Wiccan religion whether one spell casts, divines, scry's, etc or not. It's built into the core of Wicca.  But my question is, why am I hearing more people resist  the w word?  My thought is that with Wicca becoming more accessible to the public, are people bringing mainstream fears with them?  Thoughts?

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Can you link us or give me more information?  I enjoy Lackey's books.

I was hoping you were going to ask that...good to "see"

you , Ragnell...;)

Public  Library

More than 18 titles +

I like the 'The Fairy Godmother'

Leave your assumptions in the closet!

From Twitter; Utada Kei, re-tweet

The land that gravity forgot...

yes I think so.

I have never refered to myself as Wiccan, it is not because I have got anything against Wiccans, but my spiritual is simply not that of Wicca! My spiritual path is primarily Forn Sidr or Asatru, if you like. In English, I am best described as a hedgewitch...however I referere to myself as a Voelva...basically it is old Norse for seer/sorceress/healer/divination worker/mainly other words a Norse hedgewitch :)

And trust me, I can imagine being called things a lot worse than witch. In fact I connect it with something quite affectionate...I am a bit of a wild cat and on many occasssions boyfriends and lovers have bursted out "why you little witch.....!!!!!", but with a grin on their faces *lol*

Yes: obesity, unemployment, homelessness, drug abuse.

Wicca is a witchcraft religion, and since you can't perform a Wiccan ritual without performing some amount of magic, it's true all Wiccans are witches.

I think , 'Witch' only has stigma in circles that don't recognise modern witchcraft, and still define, witch, by the traditional sense of someone practising malicious or harmful magic.

Everything has a Stigma attached. Depends on the view point. Lawyers and Doctors for example; saw bones and ambulance chaser's.

I'm a Human myself... One that likes to use various means to manipulate reality to the way I like. 

The weird thing is that the words "Witch" and "Wizard" were once equally hated by the "clergy" as can be attested to by reading some of the works of the "Mathers" for example.

Yet today "Wizard" is considered a harmless enough word, and is commonly attributed to various people of ability in any field: (he's a pinball wizard, or a guitar wizard, or she's a wizard at fixing plumbing problems around the house....etc.)

I wonder why the "male" word no longer really carries the stigmata, while the "female" word still does (And please, don't castigate me for using gender terms to apply to these words, a quick bit of research will easily vindicate the general sense of what I mean).  

Even in movies most of the time (with the exception of the Harry Potter stuff) we generally see the "Wizard" as the somewhat more approachable while the "Witch" is usually shown as the bad girl...

Frankly, to me Witch makes me think "Dark and Sexy" Mmmmmmm.


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