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I'm curious on how others view it. I guess you could describe me as slightly modest? I however feel more connected when I do nature magick naked. Some others have expressed similar interest, but i wanted to see other view point as to why/why not. Please do not insult others based on choices, purely a learning opportunity! 

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It's called skyclad and many of us perform it work skyclad. Several groups here about it it. I admin one, but few people here on PS these days.
I didnt know it had a name! Its nice to know though now I can look into it properly
This is the beginning of you looking into it properly. Haha! I'd suggest you join some skyclad groups and see what's there. My group is For Skyclad Witches... Youre more than welcome to join and see what's there and ask some questions. The group has been quiet for a long time but I'd like to necromance it a bit and get it going again. Essentially if you're a solitary practitioner, as I am, there's not much to know I s'pose. Just be naked when you want. Hahahaha!

I don't do a lot of rituals and such, but I have participated in a couple of group rituals and I so wanted to be skyclad. It was a very strong feeling to shuck my clothes and enjoy the air on my skin. But this was not a clothing optional event.
Id be interested in joint to learn more! Always noce to learn more and I get that.... I dont do a lot of group stuff either but the urge to strip down sometimes just to feel more intouch is just to strong!
Wait until you actually do it Paige. You'll be amazed at the difference in how you feel. There's really not a lot to "learn", just do it. But there is some interesting info on the group and it's always nice to talk to folks who don't judge and who have a similar practice.

Just don't fondle yourself or your girlfriend,  someone might think you are playing the Devil's game, while refusing to use the Devil's name.

Something else to keep in mind: you stick it


Heya Amethyst , good to see you !

Paige , if I answered all four of your duplicate posts ,

I'd have Quadrophenia while performing skyclad...;) !

Here is a thread I started long ago...

Hi Shawn. How are you? Haven't been here for what seems like forever. It's been very quiet here for a long time. I giggled at your post (not AT your post but at the fact it exists) because someone once said all topics have been covered and they just keep getting repeated. At the time I thought that couldn't be possible. The longer I'm here, however, the more I am shown how wrong I can be! Haha!
Duplicate? Did it post more than once D:

Paige , I do not know if you would have to join

this other site to see this , but this thread is

from my Group there...

It applies directly to this question , and the why ,

of being Neak - Aed on Terrrea , or "Naked on Terra" ,

including magnetics , bio electricism , telluric currrent ,

phi ratio and standing upright , ritual in a cone of power

vortex and sphere , you go...

Shawn I didn't know you had a group on In The Dark. I think that site is relatively quiet as well. I think FaceBook has killed a lot of good "niche" social sites. Bummer.

In The Dark is getting much busier lately...

Check back in , Amethyst...;)


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