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I'm curious on how others view it. I guess you could describe me as slightly modest? I however feel more connected when I do nature magick naked. Some others have expressed similar interest, but i wanted to see other view point as to why/why not. Please do not insult others based on choices, purely a learning opportunity! 

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Another one of Ning's glitches. It once posted a. Moment I made 10 times. No kidding. Ten times. Why do I suddenly feel like Ferris Bueller?? Haha!

Quite simply put Paige being naked in your rites is to honor the Goddess, although Gerald Gardner was a Naturist, so he incorporated being Skyclad into Wicca as part of his personal beliefs.  The Goddess was and still is our divine mother, and there are many neolithic statuettes of the Goddess naked with pendulous breasts. 

In Minoan Spirituality, a priestess would wear a long dress with an open top, baring her breasts. The Dress represents the Goddess when the Priestess draws the Goddess out of the ground, in a Pillar crypt, and into her body. After the ritual is finished the Dress is hung up on a special hanger, as the Dress itself become a sacred object retaining the essence of the Goddess. The open top baring her Breasts is also at the same time the focus of her religious beliefs, as a 'breast centred Goddess consciousness' the Sacred Breast, for her to commune with and pray to the Goddess, and also as a conduit to the Goddess allowing men to respect and pray to the Goddess in ritual, as well as forming a deep sensual connection with their partners.


The shedding of clothes seems to be a common thread in communing with and channeling spirits. I was recently reading a book on spirits and possession in the South Pacific, and even though earlier cultures in the area wore very little clothing, they often dropped what they had to make closer contact with the local spirits. Of course, spirits have their own cultures, so if you’re doing a ‘drawing down’ or possession ritual, you might want to take the target God or Goddess’ wishes into consideration. The Loa for instance usually have clothing and prop preferences.

According to Gardner skyclad is necessary to rise energy and use it better, the clothes being restricting of this energy.

Of course he did he was a nudist.

Nothing wrong with THAT. :) he probably was inspired by Jains.

I know he knew the code I do , due to both

Tradition knowledge passed to me , and the code itself...Second level down : pronounced as runes , in reverse...

Neak - Aed

Third level down : pronounced as runes , in reverse...

Ter - Rrea

Thus , Naked + Terra...and this is the "open" version ,

of the Cone of Power...

Third level up from bottom : pronounced as runes , in reverse...

Sina - Sdar...thus , Sinister , or left hand , as in spin ,

pulling the Telluric Current energy up from Earth...

This code is taught both to high level Masons , and is

the root code of the Old Witchcraft...he was an initiate

of both...

In the understanding of my tradition there three different types of earth energy that can be used for magickal working. For one of these sky clad workings is required to access the energy another requires a single layer of clothing only and the third requires multiple layers of clothing. This is of course an oversimplification and there other factors other than clothing required to utilize these energies.

 The relevance of this is that when you are skyclad it automaticly gives you access to a special form of energy not otherwise available.

In shamanic traditions from Russia, Asia, and the western hemisphere, going back to before the USA, special garments were made at the direction of spirit companions. They were often very ornate, very detailed, and what we would call gaudy. Feather cloaks, carved masks, bells, bright colors.

Druids of Gaul and England went barefoot to stay connected to the earth. By contrast, Greek priestess and priests wore fine robes, masks, and ornate jewelry except where rites or rituals required otherwise.

It is my experience that such things are often individual, meaning personal to you. So long as you are comfortable with it and it works for you.

I have found, personally, that the ritual act of dressing (or being dressed in some cases) in sanctified garments for ritual, can have impressive results. I usually reserve skyclad fo ritual cleansing and meditation. But, that's just me.

I'd like to do everything naked, except when it is cold outside, but the law would bust my ass.

I have to say and also as a modest person, this is something I have done before. The times I have done it I felt more connected with my natural surroundings. 

I totally agree with you! I have laid out in the forest and called on the moon, quite interesting but isn't it weird how someone always shows up? So strange


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