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Doreen Virtue has recently made the decision to convert to Christianity.

According to the article I will link to below, any money made from the selling of her new age books/cards will now be donated to the Hay House charity. Her name will no longer be printed on her work either. This comes after a personal vision Doreen Virtue had whilst attending church. 

What do people make of this change in direction, will it affect users of her products? 

I personally foresaw this happening, a few years ago I had a sense Doreen would convert and that this would be a message to bring people away from the new age and into Christianity. 

Article LINK

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Why shouldn't it be about her?  Are you of the opinion that a purely Altruistic act, exists?

Well, I believe the feeling here (and I cannot speak for anyone else) is that when a teacher or preacher, guru, etc. is gving the impression of trying to help others through teachings, that there is some level of selflessness and giving, as they are posing themselves in that manner.

On the other hand, there are the "Mr. Miyagi" types who appear to give grudgingly and appear more sincere when they do help.

So while I agree with you Sin that it is probably neither plausible or even desirable for there to be a pure altruistic act, there is a level of "fakeyness" that puts a bad taste in ones mouth.

Don't forget the 700 club.  That is a required step to becoming a full fledged money making preacher these days.  Then perhaps a visit to Joel Osteen's church as a "guest preacher"

I don't see why it's anyone's business.  Aside that, anyone with eyes to see knows that Judeo-Christianity is Metaphysical, Mysticism and the tomes Occult grimoires. 


I think people see it as their business as she has made a living selling her opinion to the public. 

Why is that?  Are you a consumer of her opinions?  Is it my business what you do in your private life because you voice your opinions on this forum?

No I am not. 

The issue I think is the mental gymnastics that those who have paid for her courses are undergoing. It seems to me some are happy to continue believing in angel therapy (they still own the title), whilst others feel that the course is now worthless to them.

I think it is shallow for someones beliefs to be so fundamentally tied to another but at the same time I can sympathise with them that they now feel as though their teacher, someone they respect, is now informing them it is actually fallen angel therapy, more demonology then light work, that they had paid to learn. 

I still wouldn't consider that her fault but rather the consumer's responsibility to sort out.


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