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So this movie is on netflix now and it is quite an eye opener. If you have any interest in UFO's, Back projects, unaccountable deep dark government programs and the like, check it out.

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Do you really think Deep State is going to allow a true film revealing it's secrets? If it was real, it wouldn't see the light of day on mainstream medium like Netflix.

Actually you would probably be right ten or fifteen years ago...maybe, however lets not forget that the "Deep State" is a collection of individuals, each with their own personal agendas.  They like to be thought of as a united front that has no equal, and is control of everything.

I think not, so in today's world they like to use "disinformation" and mix it up so that we have a hard time deciding what is true - this allows them to hide in plain sight.

The fact is, the "Deep State" has it's own set of human resource issues - sure, they have a much more brutal way of handling "loose cannons" but the fact is, each individual in that dark pit is as scared of each of the other individuals, never knowing who is trying to stick a knife in their own back.  They have but one defense, and that is the release of information.

Don't believe me? Look into Soviet Russia and how the inefficiencies of everyone being paranoid about everyone else - They have to keep up the facade, and that is not easy.

In fact, what they hope for is exactly the type of response you just gave out - what they really fear? Is people like us discovering the same principles and abilities that they so heavily guard.

My suggestion for anyone who discovers such things as true "free energy" or "antigravity" devices is to publish the full plans and videos everywhere on any and every platform from Wiki-Leaks, to you-tube, to paper books/reports and do a "media blast".

Put it on hackerspace, and Reddit - and then challenge anyone to attempt to replicate. They are counting on human greed to help keep these things under wraps.


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