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One of the reasons i turned to paganism for answers is because the christians sects would be telling me i am crazy, listening to  the devil or out right possessed. I dont beleive any of these things are true. I have been having this dragon appear to me in visions at night and always when I am by myself. When I asks pagans or wiccans that a dragon appears to me they are not surprised by this.

I am both scared and fascinated by my night time visitor and would like to know more about dragons.  This dragon i see is a powerful, gigantic, intelligent and fearsome looking creature yet i never feel like it want to hurt me. It always comes right up to my face and just looks at me with intelligence and curiosity.

Curious to hear from others who have these experinces also facts and mythes about dragons.  From my perspective either this dragon is a real creature in a different relm or i am outright crazy  looking forward to your responses and wisdoms.  Thanks friends

sometimes the dragon is accompanied with an owl

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lol my hubby is learning his totem might be that.

And which tribe is he learning?

I dont know the answer to that. I did ask what he wanted from me he didnt answer. this is the 3rd time he as appeared to me.  I dont knw how they communicate all i know is he looks at me then leaves after a visitaion of 5-15mins. Maybe part lies on my own fears. because i was taught that dragons were evil symbolism of satan. Yet as powerful looking as this creature is i dont feel threatened

why dont you ask the dragon i think he would answer . i work with many dragons and they have thought me many things . he is there to teach you and bring you wisdom so allow him to teach you. you can think of him as a spirit guide but he will live when he is done teaching you. be respectful to him they are amazing cretures . but if yu have any question ask him he will tell you or show you. answers come in more thing one way as in signs and symbols so be aware.

I replied in previous post that i did work up the courage to ask what he wanted. this is the 3rd time he has apperead to me. I got no answer, but i wonder if my own fears hinder him. Part of it with me is do i fully believe.  He looks to real to me to be an hallucination. Powerful intelligent looking creature that seems to look at me with intelligence and curiousity. thats what fascinates me.   Not since my childhood have i had such strange experience.  there are are dreams and visions i have also.  I hear music, a blond gyspy type lady asks me if i learned the meaning of the colors? Showed me strange golden symbols, sings to me. 

These things dont happen all the time but they always happen at night when i am by myself. Usually before i fall asleep but still alert in my mind

Thank you for your reply. Learning how powerful dragons are and they they want to be a part of our lives. 

Oh for the love of all things unholy. Dreams have no meaning.

Oh i beg to differ i have had dreams in the past that have added direction or gave me answers i need for my life. some times the awaken mind is closed and sometimes the answers we need can only come through the subconscious

You do realize how contradictory that sounds, right?

The reason for the human mind to dream is sort of like a screen saver for the brain while we sleep. All the sights, sounds, tastes, and other things that were consciously and subconsciously picked up is then blended together into what will become our dream for that night. It even accounts for re-occurring nightmares/dream sequences.

Einstein's was in reference to the time in which the quote was created, hence the reason for imagination over knowledge.

I personally have done dream interpretation for years now. I too beg to differ with your perspective...

I have taken dreams of complete strangers and given them advice based on their dreams. Some are warnings, some are insight, some answer a question or point towards a direction... some are simply release dreams that will grant you a desire you would not be able to have in reality... that 'screen saver' actually contains 'sub-conscious' messages,. You are right that they dotake all our sensory input and meld it to give us the answers that are on our mind... some people only remember 'important' dreams, some will remember all their dreams but the 'important ones' will have a different feel to them.

I do believe the OP is dealing with a spirit guide/animal totem of some sort. 

A Spirit guide and an animal totem are two different things.


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