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One of the reasons i turned to paganism for answers is because the christians sects would be telling me i am crazy, listening to  the devil or out right possessed. I dont beleive any of these things are true. I have been having this dragon appear to me in visions at night and always when I am by myself. When I asks pagans or wiccans that a dragon appears to me they are not surprised by this.

I am both scared and fascinated by my night time visitor and would like to know more about dragons.  This dragon i see is a powerful, gigantic, intelligent and fearsome looking creature yet i never feel like it want to hurt me. It always comes right up to my face and just looks at me with intelligence and curiosity.

Curious to hear from others who have these experinces also facts and mythes about dragons.  From my perspective either this dragon is a real creature in a different relm or i am outright crazy  looking forward to your responses and wisdoms.  Thanks friends

sometimes the dragon is accompanied with an owl

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I just mean it is one or the other or both (the mention of the the dragon being the spirit guide, and the mention of the owl, being an animal totem) 

Which tribe's totem?

unsure which one... that is why I said 'of some sort'...

trying to keep an open mind to all views. I knw that dreams often are things that we work out in the subconscience the problems we deny in the conscience those dreams i can usually tell. the dragon is not a dream its a vision i am awake when he comes. I am relaxed deeply but not asleep. I can talk to him move my arms i tried to touch him.  i dont knw why these things are happening to me now. I know next to nothing about the supernatural and hope to gain some insight and wisdom from others who have had similar experinces.


Why do you KNOW, because you FEEL they HAVE to be IMPORTANT?


Do you think perhaps, that because I have an open mind that I realize that dreams aren't something special and are in fact, meaningless? Didn't think about that did ya?

Personal experience is considered anecdotal and therefor doesn't really help your case any.

Then try not to use your experiences as an attempt to validate your claims.

I'm not upset.

Disagreeing with you does not mean I'm upset. All I'm saying is personal experiences cannot be used to validate someone's claims.

Your analogy really doesn't work in this context.

And I say dreams have no meaning as well as explained why. You then tried to use personal experiences (anecdotal) to validate your claim that dreams do have meaning (which you have now backtracked to say only for you and not everyone else) which is why I (originally) stated that personal experiences (anecdotal) cannot be used to validate one's claim.

Well my own dragon summoned me to his home some months ago. It caught me a bit off guard because I never expected I'd ever have the honour of meeting one. As it is now I consider him a teacher, mostly he has summoned me but I did ask him once earlier this summer to come to me. And he came, luckily i'm pleased he knows how to shapeshift.

thats interesting because there is also a gypsy lady that appers to me. Now it makes me wonder if the two could be one and the same. For my part it is an honor to be visited by such an awesome being but its frightening at same time. My conscious mind is still grasping with the reality of the existence of such things. this is 3rd visit with my dragon so accepting is getting easier. 

That is highly possible. My dragon normally changes to the form of a 10 year old boy, though next time you should ask your dragon if it does change to this gypsy.


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