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    I am having issues with family trouble regarding my sister.She got involved with a man who got her on meth. I don't live in the same town as her and no matter what mundane help I suggested  There is always a reason why she can't do it. 

SO I went to sleep and dreamed I was at her house which is the house we grew up in. I had a long stick and it was cold outside. There I was drawing a circle of protection around the house and property, doing a protection ritual.

THE DREAM SEEMED VERY REAL. Now my question is this.... did I do some helpful magick in the astral for my sister? or does it mean I need to do a protection for myself? Also my moms siamese cats were there watching me doing the magick Both those cats have passed on.

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  I'm one of those who does believe that you can do workings from within the meditative state. However I also believe that we can't do much for those who aren't interested. Granted a protective spell is never harmful, and it's not a waste of effort. The day may come when your sister hits bottom, and is in need of help. most likely she'll be drawn to you. In the interim don't push to hard and keep yourself safe. Meth heads can be a whole other world, and to say that they are dangerous is an understatement at best. If you are going to try to use workings to help I definately say do so from a safe distance.


Have you considered spellcasting?
I agree. I know it's difficult to witness your sister go through all of this and you just don't wanna stand by and watch her, (you want to do something to help), but at this time, you pursuing her in efforts to help her is only going to create tension and resistance between the two of you. You're trying to pull her in a direction she doesn't want to go. The best thing to do is wait out the storm (in the meantime, keep yourself PROTECTED from her lifestyle HARMING you), show her that you don't judge her and you will be there for her when shit hits the fan and you'll be supportive and understanding in the mean time. Your goal is to keep the doors of communication and connectivity open, not let your ego (psychological concept of the term) get in the way and shut the doors between you two. This will be difficult, but if you really love her and want to be there for her, do it all while putting your health and well being first. You can't quench others' thirsty needs from a dried up well. Establish yourself. Hence your home in the dream. Even though she is living there, it was/is your home, too. The cats might be depictions of your mother. If your mother was very close to the cats, they could represent a dualistic approach to the situation. 1) Cut your sister loose, she is screwing up and needs to be rejected, given the tough love/stern approach, or 2) Embrace your sister, and show her that you're not going anywhere, like decent mother would. Your home could represent your family, hearth, heart, and foundation. You are creating a protection spell for yourself, I doubt your sister. What's going on with your sister, you can't step in the way of it, just be there to catch her when she falls. You protecting her could do more harm. This might be her karma. Let it work out, release the urge to resist, be like water (Bruce Lee). You do otherwise will only push her away. Protect yourself and your foundation. Also, your home being in the dream could have been a symbol for you to reconnect with your "home" or foundation in order to gain strength for the upcoming trials ahead, or to go back to the source to help establish a better connection with your sister. Hanging out with her, and having conversations about the past, rekindling old favorite memories, and discussing the good old times will help her. It can also help her start to think about the past, and maybe discuss something that is bothering her. Lots of choices and behaviors of ours in the now are just byproducts of our past experiences (childhood traumas and previous pains we underwent), helping her discuss the past could help her release old negativity and set her closer to clearing her energy. Give her the tools to battle this problem on her own, don't be her tool, per say. Provide a safe haven for her and let go of your anger, hate, disapproval, fears, judgments, etc. This experience will challenge her, just like it is challenging you. Maybe another expression of the cats in your dream, a symbol representing the two of you. I hope all of this helps, I come from a place of experience. Being a Leo, full of resistance that comes with great intentions, I had to learn the hard way that pushing loved ones to get their heads out of their asses to stop doing dumb things like drugs and stuff was NOT the way to achieve any success. Sucks because I only meant well, but my natural Leo like ways didn't work in situations like that. I needed to approach things differently. I am hoping to save you some time from having to learn this same lesson and you can just skip to the better yet more difficult part of this journey. Good luck and best wishes.

I do readings and practice the occult and this may help you- I recently had a return to my house of three look alikes of my three cats, old cat cloudy  and munchkin maybe we are dream sharing or astral projecting together -

I have had a bunch of dreams and delusions and readings about and including a  pain stick or bat like hand flapping in peoples faces

Hope this helps


This is a simple mundane option, but have you considered that you may have to call the police on this dude? That may be the best way in the long run. Crystal meth is extremely dangerous and bad for someone's health. This guy could be put away for distributing. And you need to get your sister out of there ASAP. I know you're probably afraid to get her into trouble as well. Maybe there's a way that you can get her out and get him to leave her alone.

thanks for all your help and advice :)

  Calling the police can be an option but more often than not the bad guy walks away. If you do decide to call the police , make sure you've got all of the evidence that you'd need to put him in jail. And quite honestly don't tell your sister that you were the one to do it, at least not until everything shakes itself out. Most likely he'll get bail, and there's a strong chance that your sister will be the one trying to bail him out. Life can get damned nasty damned quickly once you start involving yourself in someone else's life to that degree. My advice, be there for her when she has started looking for a way out, but use what is socially available. When it comes to meth and other hard drugs, your sister may not even mentally be in the real world with the rest of us. If nothing else, make sure that you keep yourself safe you can do nothing for no one if you are injured crippled, etc...I know that it sounds like I'm being overly dramatic here... but to be honest I'm actually playing down some of the negatives.

Personal safety first, then feel free to do spell work or meditative work or dream work, anyhow I wish you the best of luck with her. 


Sounds to me like you did something. I recommend that you do not call the police and that you do not ostracize her either.

Does she know of your practice?

I recommend that you do not call the police and that you do not ostracize her either.

Drug addicts always need money and/or help.  They don't have the luxury of ostracizing anyone.  Moonkatt could call the cops on her sister and her meth-head BF 20 times, get them both tossed in the klink to dry out and her sister will still come to her when she needs help/wants money. 

I've known extremely close people to get the cops involved in similar situations. Those situations did not end well. The other person may end up resenting you and will turn themselves into a victim and you the antagonist. It is worth a try, especially if things get really REALLY out of hand. I am not fond of cops personally, I know at comment is probably going to label me as a gangster or something, lol, jk. Don't get me wrong, I have friends who are cops, just not a big fan of getting their involvement. Oh and btw I am not a felon, promise! lol. 

 Also not a felon. My neighborhood came as a real shock and we ended up working a lot with the local police, ended up getting deeply involved with local politics and all of that. So I do have a pretty good idea of what you're dealing with. We'd call the cops they'd talk to the bad guys and occasionally arrest one leaving us to deal with them once they got out on bail. IT worked, but it was just nasty, death threats and all of that.... thankfully they've been gone from our block for the last few years, but it does tend to make me leary of interactions with people who have drug issues. If you're in a truly bad spot call the police, they really can be helpful but keep in mind that they are bound by law and rules of evidence and all of that. Short version, they won't arrest him for just being a crappy guy, and often they won't even frisk someone on a suspicion of drug use.

That all being said, I'll reiterate. Also not a Felon



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