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I have had a few intense. Dreams wich have a connnection with with pre medieval ages . i had many dreams where i was a running on on 2s and sometimes 4 like a gorrila wich is really fast and much agile and my vision would be amber redish . one of my dreams resembled the werewolf legend of two werewolf brothers who fought eachother . i was amazingly fast and agile and my brother had a amazingly strong and resistant body and he was really strong. I ran away so they declared me defeated.

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If,when you woke,you had to think about how you were,meaning, had a disconnect,then you accessed a genetic memory. We travel quite easily in sleep,different state and all that.

That's a pretty cool dream.

Hhhmmm. It took me a moment to realize i was safe in my bed...and i strong lingering connections to my dream throughout the day..
Try to direct dream,and set yourself to project,but you must set a tether first.
Hhmmm i will give it a shot... Gotta stop using my cellphone for a few days to get enough power . i gotta build up my personal power
I blogged recently a dream I had. I was in a dark forest hunting for a raven or crow, seeking to use it's heart for a ritual. The dream won't leave me alone


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