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Does it necessarily mean something when you dream true.  I ask because when I was younger I dreamed about a person that was described in a book I was expecting in the mail that had been described by many other people to the author (all those in the book that had described her claimed to be ufo abductee describing her in regression hypnosis sessions) I did not know what would be in the book till it arrived I had the dream the night before the book arrived.

after that the only other time I dreamed true was when I stuck my head thru the p.o. box door and saw a key for a larger mail box.  it was not until 2011 and 2012 I ever had dreams that came true again.

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Premonition dreams do happen. They have happened to me also.

premonition is one thing but when I dream true its like the real thing. example: the dream I had about the middle of March or April 2012 when I caught up to the actual time it happened events occurred exactly as they did in the dream but it was a couple months after the dream.

from everything I have heard about premonitions they are usually flashes of images so quick that its difficult to recall the whole thing. The one I had in June of that year happened about 2 weeks later in that one a golden light speaking out of a file cabinet told me Haley was going to kick me out of her apartment.  that was the second week of june on July 1 she kicked me out after asking me for rent.

I find that the more open-minded I am, the more often I have such dreams. When they will come true is a different matter though. My last one was of a black kitten with blue eyes that looked so pitiful. Three months later he found his way to me by way of hiding in the motor of my neighbor's car. She couldn't catch him, but he did not hesitate to come to me when I offered my hand. I could go on, but I'm trying not to be a page hog. lol

Sure dreaming true exists. You should know that.

I find true dreams have a different quality to normal dreams. They feel real even if they are fuzzy on the edges. At least for me, they don't always manifest in my future, but that might be because in some of them I'm not "me". No, I can't really explain that, it's just how I experience them. In one of them, I looked in a mirror and saw someone else's face which was only disturbing after I woke.


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