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Speaking from experience, do not dismiss a dream if it is sending you a message.  I made a mistake, I had a dream that I actually posted on this site asking for help in deciphering, and when nobody I could find had any idea what it meant, I brushed it off.

Less than one year later I am going through a divorce from a woman I devoted my life, heart, and soul to.  She had a dramatic personality change, lied to me about every aspect daily life, cheated on me with a person I thought was my friend, and refuses any counseling or help.  The only explanation she will give is that she is done and wants out.  She tells me this on Tuesday, has paper work and is packed on Wednesday, and I never knew it was coming.

Beware the woman in the black dress, if only when you do not look directly at her you see the dress is made of raven feathers, this is her.  She was beautiful and wore what looked like an elegant evening dress when you looked at her directly, she whispered in my ear something I could not recall when I woke.  Now I recall she was mad and said that I did not belong there, and wanted to know how I did it, then she said it didn't matter and touched my face.  Instant awake.

I wish I had known to protect my family.

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The next time you want a dream interpreted, post it on Professional Dream Analysis here in PaganSpace.  I will tell you exactly what it means, and I will do a divination about it too  Accuracy is guaranteed.  By the way, all the dreams you have are enormously important, not just the one you mention.

Well I just had a dream about a famous general making a TV series where he has sex with every soldier in his army. What does that say about my future? = o.
As for you, Alexander, I am sorry you have to go through such heartbreak. You seem to be blaming yourself because you did not see it coming. STOP THAT. If your wife lied to you and cheated on you, that is her fault, not yours. Divorce is painful, but try to think of it as your liberation. You will be better off without a lying, cheating spouse.
Bright Blessings to you in this difficult time.
I need the name of the famous General in order to to interpret your dream.
Sorry, he did not have a name, at least not that I remember. I just knew that he was famous.
Oh well.
Hmm, I usually jump at a chance to do dream interpretation. I dint ember you posting anything. Can you provide a link? It could've been that no-one could read the symbols in the dream or lack of remembered details.

In the mean time, Amanda is right you shouldn't blame yourself.

thanks everyone, I am doing better.  Emotions are all over the place, but I did some meditation and asked for a sign from the spirits and forces that surround me.  At 10:00pm it out of the blue clouded over and poured down rain while I was outside, woke up this morning to clear blue skies.  I would not be that impressed if it had not been for I live in Fairbanks Alaska, and it was -30f last week.  I have always felt stronger, emotionally as well as physically, when around water.  This time I felt a hug around my shoulders, NO BS!!

Sorry to here that about us. I will pray to my blessing tree for you to hope that u can be restored.

So mote:-)


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