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When a deity appears in a dream, is it a sign of patronage, are they merely passing through, or does it mean something else?

I had a dream a few months ago that has stayed with me since it occurred. In my dream, it was nighttime and I was in a clearing before the forest holding my infant son. We came across two koalas that morphed into monsters. They attacked my son and he fell out of my arms onto the ground. Suddenly an arrow whizzed by and struck one of the monsters. They retreated into the forest as a woman with a wooden bow came from behind me and continued shooting arrows at them. I only saw her from behind and she never spoke a word. She had long, curly red hair and was dressed in tunic made from many different animal hides. The last thing I remember was the full moon.

When I awoke, I realized she saved me from a horrible nightmare. I have the impression it was Diana/Artemis, a goddess I never felt attraction to before. I have no deities I currently worship/work with.

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My first thought too.  LOL

Definitely sounds like Artemis/Diana.

Aphrodite is described as redheaded.

I wouldn’t spend a lot of worry over the details. If your first impression was Diana/Artemis, then that’s the image, already in your head, that it wants to be invoked with. Dream messages are like impressionist paintings, the closer you look the less you see.


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