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What do you think about the rumors of all the animals dying,the quakes and the volcanoes being caused by the governments??Youtube is full of ppl spreading stuff on this what do you think??? Or is the Mother and Father just really peeved off???

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well, government is hiding something, if they tell the public that power lines are the cause for the birds dying.....thats pure bullshit.  it was more than just america. and more than 3 states. i just assume that something in yellowstone park is going on....and they just dont want the public to start freaking out and doing crazy shite.
I don't think the dinosaurs blamed it on government conspiracy ..
Large numbers of dead dolphins washing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico: Can anyone spell BP?
I'm going with this guy on this one.

First of all, The Godhead and Goddesshead, or Mother God and Father God as I like to call them, do not punish or reward.


See love is the law, and you must have belief as the foundation of that law, they both take free will to master. You must have free will to master love and freely love yourself and others, you must also have free will to have a belief based system and not a faith bases system, SO...the father God and mother God are not going to reward or punish you because it interfers with the natual flow of the gift of free will given to you by them. It's like giving a kid a toy (free will in this case) and taking the batteries out (implementing restrictions like guilt or fear of punishment on your free will gift)


Second, look into HAARP or HARRP whichever it is. There are more than one, and they can move clouds with them control the weather and much more. If there haarp what else is there?


thirdly, this is all happening because of two reasons...the sun, and the sun.

OUR sun is about to pass into a cycle, a known every 11 year one, this particular one is going to be strong, that magnetic and gravatational pull is pulling on the earths crust a whee bit, and thus the plates under it. The SECOND SUN in our solar system is also going to make its rotation close to us as our sun does it's magnetic vomit all over us. That second sun passes ours every few thousand years, about ever 36 thousand years.


the earth ( and all the other planets) are being pulled by two great suns. ALL the other planets in the system are also experiencing global warmings, and earthquakes  ----its not localized souly on earth*


and last but not lest :) LOL

The animals are dieing because the magnetic mayham our sun is playing on the magnaspher, it is playing with the birds natual navigational abilities. See birds can feel the magnetic shift in the poles and magnaspher and it messes with their sense of direction, time, and equalibrium. Seals can sense earth quakes, they don't die, they just swim somewhere else :)

Yeah because volcano eruptions which shut down air travel across a large section of the globe and earthquakes which devastate cities, trashing economies and causing declines in productivity are really in the interest of governments looking to pull themselves out of economic crap...


This is what annoys me with conspiracy theorists, there is so much crap that many governments are doing which is illegal and for their own benefit and not the public's, but you don't spend your energy working against what is happening, you have to throw away logic and reason and dive head long into paranoia and fantasy.

Humans take themselves to seriously...the earth goes thru cycles with or without us...
Yeah i kinda agree with you all, the sun is a cause of some stuff and the gov, well they cant be trusted...and i know its kinda silly but for years we have been processing all of our own food we get water from a natural underground spring. i hate to see anything happening to our beautiful earth and ppl.. my partner and i make all of our own meds, all natural and all organic and we also sell them.i dont trust the government and feel i cant take chances with my families lives....we also have an underground shelter(just in case), know i love all things and wish that all people would go back to a natural state of mind, i love the technology we have but wish it could be "greener"...anyway Blessed be and much love and respect...richie

I think shit happens, like the Volcan de Fuego that erupted in Guatemala this past weekend. Here is a picture of Volcan de Fuego taken this past week.

The Ancient Maya of this region offered small children to the volcanos. Contemporary Maya make offerings a little less dramatic. Did the volcano get hungry this weekend due to not being fed? I don't think the government is responsible. Better yet, it was probably just a buildup of pressure within the volcano. Sooner or later something has to give.

I think the opposite, that governments are created by the dying animals, earth quakes and volcanoes.

You make a good point Dave. People depend on legislation from the government and aid from the government to deal with natural and unnatural disasters.

The Ancient Maya city-states were not that much different. The people depended on the King and Queen, priests and shamans, to appease the many gods who controlled the forces of nature and life in general. The ability of the King and Queen, priests and shamans, to deal with the gods ensured prevention of natural disasters and disease from angry deities. That same ability assured good harvests to aid the people.

I'm dead serious.....we would not exist with out earthquakes and volcanoes. Nor would we exist with out nuclear fusion.

To deal with the volcano, is to deal with the primordial forces that created the earth, and the universe., from which the earth was created, from which the earth evolved, from which the earth will be destroyed, So, to recognize the deity within, is to regognize the primordial force, as it is so deified.

Animals come, and animals go.

People come, people go.....


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