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So on another thread, the OP really didn't like it when I commented that I found the claim that his/her planned curse required "twenty years" off his/her life to be a) ridiculous and b) the product of someone who was inept. The person then closed the thread.


No I'm not going to apologize for saying that, I very much believe it.  But with the other thread closed, I figured I'd start a new one for those wanting to discuss.


Things like that "twenty years" price mentioned in the other thread, this sort of thing annoys me.  Why?  Because it's a threat to "behave" and as such, it implies that misbehaviour and/or lacking common sense is the expectation.  This is NOT a good head space for a magic worker and an even worse one in a supposed "teacher" which I've seen a lot of folks present themselves as on PS, other sites and meat life.  The carrot and stick routine is one of the reasons I'm not part of an organized religion; and the fact that my faith gives me credit for a functioning brain IS a big reason why I follow it. 


In my experience, the "nasty" workings aren't an automatic black mark on one's soul.  There is no karma that "gonna gitcha" or anything else of that nature (If you guessed that Karma isn't part of my path, you guessed right).  Rather the big issue that most run afoul of is not making a clean break with the intended target once the working is set.  Instead, they leave those energetic links between themselves and the target, which results in feedback along those ties, since energy will follow the path of least resistance.  And yes, it CAN be decidedly unpleasant to say the least.


What do you think an effective curse (or spell for that matter) requires?  And is there a divine/cosmic price to it?

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Also, the goal in many cases is to AVOID karma, not be bound by it. Reincarnation is suffering, you're supposed o break the cycle.


As for the "OMG I am gonna get punished", oh please, the guy who dropped bombs on Hiroshima never received punishment for killing millions of people. The Japanese men in Nanking responsible for raping and killing everything were honored in Japan and never punished for their actions, their leader was a prince and was not even convicted.

Good point. 


You also touched on another reason why the concept of karma doesn't work for me.  I don't see reincarnation as suffering OR a cycle to be broken.  I enjoy being human, even when I get my ass kicked.

It's just fear that leads people to this. If it's not hell, the devil, or karma it's something else. You should do what is natural to you. Living in fear is for the birds.


But with that I am not saying to go out and kill a bunch of people lol. Just live your life the way you want to. Some people will get punished, others will not. Thus is life.

See that kind of black and white thinking annoys the piss out of me ^_^;;  The idea that telling someone to do what they need equals giving them a free pass to rape and pillage the weaselly black guts out.  What the hell?!


Maybe we need to just start tacking on a standard disclaimer?

Yeah might as well. When you tell people that, that's the first thing they think of. If that's the case they better expect that if they pull that shit around me I'd get my shotgun out. :3
Hmmm...guess the reincarnation thing can be viewed in different ways...meaning it could be a very good thing, however, I guess it would all depend on WHAT (or who) u came back as
Timing and how long the planning takes on a curse/hex can and does vary depending on many variables......always.......karma? NO,I do not have the issue with karma,either,truely,if one does why oh why even think about doing a curse if one is in fear of it coming back to them anyway?? I missed the other discussion....

Oh yes, variables are an important consideration.


When I think of doing a spell I don't think of it as "pushing" the energy/intent to the destination.  Rather, I see it as constructing a stream bed for the energy to follow.  And there are all kinds of obstetrical to such a construction, but they aren't insurmountable.

It wasnt that the curse itself takes timing, it was that if you do a curse then your life is shortened by 20yrs.
I dont know why lol, the OP of the other thread would have to answer that.
True.  Too bad the OP closed it.


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