Have any of you sensed the Nature Spirits while Meditating or walking outside? Have any1 every seen them too? Since I am a Fish sign and I love being around the water I sometime pick up the water spirits energy.I pick up the dolphin energies more. Once in a while I can feel their vibes coming from the nature spirits. I would like to hear your information about them.

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I work with Elementals. Yes, I have felt them. I can feel them most when I am in circle (of course) and when I am in nature. Each elemental vibrates differently. At least, that is how I can describe how they feel. Is there something specific you want to know about elementals?
Sagemoon I don't really have any specific questions about the devas. I just like to hear what other ppl have had.That is cool that they have made them selves knowned to you.Thanks a lot Moon Doggy...LOL!
I am a Cancerian, so I love the water and identify with undines. I live in a great place so if you go to my page you can tell I love all elementals and nature spirits . And yes I have seen them since I was a youngling. It would be a Fairy sad place without them for me. Thank you for this Post! BB&MM LR
Thanks Lady Rhiannon for for sharing your views.I am glad that he Nature Spirits of the water realms love you! You are a lucky lady to be able to see them when you were a child! I am glad that you like my Blog Post here! I have a feeling you will always have them close to you all your life.
I am an Earth sign, and so my experiences have been more land based, especially years ago when I was growing up, and since we moved into our new house two years. In both periods of time I was/am fortunate to be surrounded by environments that are very active in all things spiritual and other-worldly.
I still have so much more to learn and experience, especially in my current surroundings, so each day is a new experience for me. Now that the Earth is being reborn, so much more is happening around me, and I am trying to absorb and make sense of the energies and vibes that I feel each day.
I have an affinity with the ocean as well, but it is the Earth that particularly connects with me.
That is way cool Celtic Mairi that is cool how the Nature Spirits made them selves known to you while you were growing up.I hear if you meditate and ask your guides to see the devas they will show up.Plus spending time around nature attracts them too.Thank you for explaining your views. I also like the dolphin energies too. Since I live close to the Gulf Of Mexico.
Well Lady Alteria I am glad you are able to express your views on this Blog. I respect every1's ways so thank you for your input. Light To ya
Yes, very much so. I have a profound belief in elementals and have worked with them for many many years.
Pavlor thank you for your responce.It is nice to know that I am not the Only 1 who get vibes from the nature spirits
Thank you Corvus Morgana I will keep that Book Title in Mind.Another person here told me about it too. I am glad there are other who notice the Devas. I hope you have fun with them in the Garden.
i feel them but its different for me... ill feel like my water elemental is sticking its tounge in my ear sometims lol. and like im being snuggled with by a kitty.... but ya...
That is Cool Drakon that the water devas like playing with ya...LOL. I am glad I am not the only person who feel their vibes.


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