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Have any of you sensed the Nature Spirits while Meditating or walking outside? Have any1 every seen them too? Since I am a Fish sign and I love being around the water I sometime pick up the water spirits energy.I pick up the dolphin energies more. Once in a while I can feel their vibes coming from the nature spirits. I would like to hear your information about them.

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I have seen (and still do) Faeries. I have also seen many other creatures as i walk around in the woods. I have communicated with them and I continue to do so. I've been like this for many years. My life would be boring without them.

Freyja that is cool you see and noticed these special nature spirits and other creatures as well. I hear they only let them selves be seen to those who have a connection to the natureal elements. I feel I can always learn from others with there experiences.Thanks for your comments
After reading these responses it seems like a lot of us sense nature spirits near water! I have had many experiences but only since I moved to germany. I spend many hours walking the woods and following the streams to their source as I live in very hilly country where we have a lot of springs. Trees are very important to me and nearly all of my wonderful encounters have been near water and a particular tree.
Joanne I am glad that near the waters and trees that you notice the nature spirits. I still like to climb trees when I have a chance.I am glad that you can as well notice the nature spirits. If still our minds and thoughts we can feel closer to them as well while we are outside.Thanks for your comment


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